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Ishnar Theology

The Ishnar Monolith
"The hair represents our thoughts that extend from our heads. Our thoughts determines our actions, and thus form our fate. We choose our own fate. When we receive a situation, we can choose how we act, react, and think. We are often too caught up with our old habits, and thus unable to break out of our 'miserable lives'."

- Immaculate One

If one was to sail across the heavenly sea and pass by other sailors. If they were to ask a question on the meaning of fate they would receive different answers. Azgor Tal illuminates the universe to cleanse its darkness. The Judge delivering his verdicts on souls within his Court to keep three other entities in check. To forge great cosmic wonders to please Armok. Be bask in the eternal and purifying moonlight of Lunar Grace. Find a sense of brotherhood within the Church of the Ancients. Or perhaps seeking the truth within the transcendental tree of Yggdrasil. These tales of grand entities would continue to come to further one travels across the sea. But what of the Amziel? Now reduced to a small, faithless masses what had they believed in? What tales have been lost to the current of time? What are the relics on Angelarium soil? Even the Auinozoaun Remnants is dismissive on the subject of old Amzielean. Even Tiamat, the supposed last true Amziel is surrounded by contradictory tales and half-truths.

While the Anubite Empire went to preserve what history is left. The Ebony Republic is the one who have made the most progress in uncovering the truth of Amzielean society. Their great investigation began with their sorcery, Atziluth. A mystical art deep in a shroud of obscurity. Not even the Auinozoaun Remnants know its origin and Tiamat becomes more of a unreliable narrator by the day. The only reason they came so far is finding bread crumbs both Pre/Post DoR. At the beginning when the Auinozoaun Remnants crash landed on Angelarium a few had used a special terraforming program called Project Horizon Zero Dawn to create a collage of Amzielean culture and sewn it to the surface of the once barren planet. But it was stopped before it could be completed which resulted in a Frankenstein world. Temporal anomalies, dead cities from different points in time, infertile lands choked by the steel sky above.

It was within some of these displaced cities of ruin that were known as the Stone Jungles that some snippets were recovered. Whether they are truth or fiction is hard to discern. In the olden days these pieces have influenced the Proto-amziel race. Starting an oral tradition of passing down tall tales inspired by these ancient text. Legends of a time where a Amziel could reach a state of being in which they become a walking universe. Became so vastly otherworldly that a drop of their blood weighed more than celestial bodies. They were transcendent in relation to any form of existence. At the time they were nothing more than whimsical power fantasies to serve as a form of escapism in dark times. After all, in their eyes what could bring down such a grand civilization of cosmic entities to nothing more than a band of tattered survivors trying to live in a world scarred from countless horrors. Huddling together in huts of scavenged metal as they peer out into the unforgiving dark.

But as seen by the Auinozoaun Remnants and famous Atziluth Sorcerers from across history, perhaps there is more truth to these myths than expected. After all. Myths are what remain once the history of an event has been forgotten or lost to time. Myths are like the memory of one’s first crush; the pain and longing one felt at that time is forgotten, but the warmth and sweetness of romance lives on, probably even magnified, larger in the imagination than it was in reality. The new ruins in Post Angelarium, the strange crossroads beneath the surface, and from the readings of a mysterious monolith in the arctic north. The Delmah Confederacy is getting closer to the truth than any other civilization who had tried before. They know that Atziluth is some form of cosmic source. That the cornerstone of this power is the manipulation of souls and the perfection of the soul. A mystical art akin to some across the universe and beyond. From the Vox, to the Anubites, and (In regional deep lore terms) to the Qoatl practitioners of V'ossic White Psionic. The question that Delmach scientists and archeologists may ask, is how does Aztiluth differentiate from all the supposed truths of the universe?

To go over what Proto-Amzielean have originally believed. When Solgaleo and Aelius of Auinozoaun Remnants have gave the knowledge of Aztiluth teachings to then first generation these teachings spread. It became so widespread that it resulted in a sociopolitical split within society. What had happen during this time is a mystery before Delmach scholars have manage to pry out information from Rayla who made the statement that this was the period of crusades and holy wars called the Taikyoku Schism. All fought to prove that their school of thought is the absolute truth. Atziluth went be differing names over the aeons. Taikyoku, Taji, The Beginning of All Things, The Swirl of the Root, Original/First Beginning. The conflict have led to shaping the theosophical nature of Amziel society for generations to come. From all this fighting to determine what esoteric tradition view on achieving that state of limitless potenial, the oneness before duality, two branches of Aztiluth Sorcery survived.

Hadou Gods (Hadou meaning "Royal Path, Way, Route, etc.) are sorcerers that are committed to continuous, unlimited expansion, no matter how great or small the world, Hadou will flood its entirety. Essentially this means that Hadou will encompass anything and everything regardless of scale. Hadou Gods are walking Taikyoku/Atziluth who defines their own boundaries, and they infinitely expands their desire until everything in setting has been subjugated to their law (integrated). Gudou Gods (Gudou meaning "Truth Seeking Path, Way, Route, etc.), unlike Hadou Gods, are not affected by the surrounding reality or the Atziluth-Tai (Supreme Law) and instead changing the reality in itself. Gudou Gods are described as single celled organisms compared to the "multicellular" Hadou Gods. "Cells" here are referring to souls. Because Gudou is all about the self, and their will is self centered and unified, Gudou Gods are far more unlikely to have an Apoptosis than Hadou Gods. However because of the sheer spiritual mass of a Hadou God and their Taikyoku values normally always being higher, Hadou is normally stronger than Gudou.

Despite the grand significance of Atziluth potential not many have ever achieved it or even learn most of it. In fact the most common form of mystical art that a Amziel could perform is Haki. A weaker branch of Atziluth sorcery that uses their own willpower to do great feats. Extrasensory perception, access to Divine Magic, and tap into a esoteric energy source that resides in the soul of the Amziel. True Atziluth Sorcery is only when one is able to do the Die Ewigkeit formula that allows a Amziel to absorb spiritual energies and convert it to power. (In Post-DOR every Amziel had their genes remapped with genomes added from the other Auinozoaun Remnants. One such element were genomes of a Drachidae. In which it led to the new race to become more emotionally primal, their instincts and emotions much more raw. Driven by an eternal and insatiable hunger to devour. The craving worsen due to the combined genes resulting in a higher metabolism. That need to eat, to consume energy itself is present in the back of their minds. To eat another is to grow in strength as whatever substance they eat gets broken down an converted to spiritual energy. However, as discovered in very old databanks found within a old temple. The latter is actually from the original template of Amzielean when they only lived on their homeworld which had a greatly different atmosphere to Angerlarium. Which had a specific gas referred to as ambrosia that exists within their atmosphere. The craving is merely a side effect of their bodies not being able to adapt to a different environment so they have to intake other energy sources to try to make up for it, but nothing is efficient as Ambrosia. Delmah have found a way as they learned that when the first Amzielean societies reached the space age and began to develop colonial technology. They had to modify their genetic blueprint to make them able to adapt to other ecosystems. Something which, the Delmah would be able to reproduce with time.)

But in order to enact the Die Ewigkeit formula they have to go over many obstacles as well follow a strict doctrine. The difficulty is only heighten when the success rate is only 0.00000008%. Along with this it posses another restriction when it comes soul symbiosis, meaning the formula requires a form of mutualism. If the Die Ewigkeit formula is used in either a parasitism or commensalism manner it will result in great doom for the user. The origin of this fail safe is debatable. From Proto-Amzielean sources it's said that it's a form of Blood Vow to enforce the sorcerers to serve the race beneficially and not for their own gains. In Ishnar sources however it's said to be a form of balancing force to ensure no Hadou/Gudou God truly becomes 'Godlike'. In deep regional lore terms it's to prevent a Haelyonim situation.

The first milestone that marks an Amziel passing the trails is successfully creating their soul relic or noble phantasm in some cultures. These artifacts have nothing to do with the relics of any religion or spirituality, they are the manifestation of thoughts and feelings of people. No matter what it is, faith, profound hatred or resentment, love, or a curse, if something has a huge amount of concentration in a single object, it eventually will be called one's "soul relic". After binding a contract, the knight of the soul is assimilated with the relic forming the strongest spiritual connection, and it is almost impossible to break. After this, control of the relic is a very complex process, a normal person can not even master the first level of Ewigkeit. The levels of Die Ewigkeit goes as follow. Assiah, the first level of the Ewigkeit formula, the characteristic that indicates the Soul Relic has manifested from the Amziel soul. At this rank it is physical and somewhat unstable while at the same time giving the user a minor set of abilities. It also grants a more resilient body but can still be killed by hitting vital areas like the heart and brain. What a Holy Relic does varies from individual to individual.

The second level of the Ewigkeit formula is Yetzirah, when the Soul Relic is finally starting to show their particular traits. The Holy Relic is now stable and can be weaponized. The Amziel body is now strengthened to superhuman levels, as well as no longer able to killed through their vital areas and their bodies seizing to age, although the soul will continue to do so. The third level of the Ewigkeit formula is Birah, which allows the user's absolute deepest desire to be made reality. There are two different types of Briah: Gudou (Which is when one's desire compresses inwards i.e. themselves) and Hadou (When one's desire compresses outwards i.e. others). Said desire gives the user an ability relating to it in at least some capacity. When the user has a Hadou desire, their ability will alter their surroundings, while a Gudou desire will alter themselves, though mixtures of both exist. As well rarer types of Birah that follow the other traditions of Atziluth. Guduo and Hadou are simply the most common forms of Birah.

The final and ultimate level of the Die Ewigkeit formula is Atziluth. A level that has been unattainable to present day. No one knows what sits at the top. All that is written are rare statements by high level Birah who all claim that takes a very special soul, one that has achieved a special level of balance or a certain heightened emotion to understand the last step. And that not everyone is capable of attaining Atziluth, as it is a right determined at one's birth. That was of course, until Delmah archeologists and scholars manage to translate some of Ishnar text that finally shed on this mysterious final level. Those at the final level are those who full-blown cosmic entities deserving of the title of God. They would start to paint over reality with their own Law, essentially making the universe a canvas. The ability given to one by their desire is now amplified to far greater levels and users are capable of manipulating reality on a conceptual level. Even their bodies turn into some multidimensional form in which even a mere drop of their blood now weighs more than a neutron star. In Ishnar text it's stated that this final level is where the Ten Houses of Ana'hosas resides. The polytheistic pantheon that the Ishnar people believe in. Aztiluth Sorcery is a tool for a mortal to have powers like the entities who sit at the very top.

Some versions of Ishnar vary from what Delmah scholars could understand but the general gist is that there exist a primeval Goddess named LinkAoanno who had existed before time ever began flowing. The personification of inevitability, fate, compulsion and necessity. She's regarded as a a universal sculptor. With her spindle she had sown the late Auinozoaun Universe out of empyreanal threads which logically could be viewed as being quantum strings. Once down she laid out all of creation before her and smiled. For it was good. Having produced a silver egg she cracked it open over the infinite universe and pour out its yolk (Symbolism for Atziluth) onto it. The yolk seep into her creation in layers. Which meant that species all across Auinozoaun would access different layers of Aztiluth. Such as Solgaleo's race who were very deep in it. It was Amzielean, practically a microbe in her eye, that caught her attention. As the maternal goddess that Aoanno is she took joy in her creation achievements. But took note that they and other races manage to utilize Aztiluth in ways that they were not ready for. So she cut a lock of her hair and scatter it across Auinozoaun. Some of her strands came to Amzielean, turning into what they call the Thrones. Their purpose was overseeing the usage of the heavenly power. The other creations she produced were the Birds of Endlessness and the Trees of Heaven. Both were to act as a form of guide for those wishing to learn of Aztiluth.

Satisfied she took a break. Sitting outside of her infinite creation she watch as creation went through its lifespan, never interfering for fate is unbiased. Above the concept of good and evil. Of course that was before a Amziel Saint-Warrior named Keter, Emanation of the Crown had be unknown means, woo the primordial entity. Intrigued by his advances she accept the gesture to learn about this 'mortal love'. In her mortal avatar she produces an offspring that is known as a Demigod, children born with a celestial parent. Her child and their descendants would come to form a celestial bloodline called the Immaculate Ones. They would become so profound in Amziel culture that they would come to be the leaders of Ishnar. Happy and content with the time spent she transition back to full time watching on her creation. As time pass, cosmic entities would be born from the foam of the yolk. Delmah theologians could take note how the Ten Houses of Ana'hosas is similar to Church of the Ancients in how it's made. When Amzielean spread across the stars they integrated the faiths of other species. Resulting in a group referred to as the Welkin. The Welkin were than divided into ten separate houses.

Strangely enough, on one of the murals that Delmah uncovered they would find segments that seem to talk about the future of Ishnar where they met their end. Taimat, a now disgraced Welkin of House Anfauglir had brought ruin to Ishnar civilization. Angered mostly out of her personal connection to Ishnar, rewrote Taimat existence into that of a mortal Amziel to forever roam the void alone. Taking pity in the Ishnar survivors she went to create a filament that would serve as their passage to escape into. Flowing it out into the void to touch another firmament not made by her hands. The Ishnar survivors would flee into one of Hoshizoran universe Supervoids where they would write out their story to tell. With that done she went back to overseeing the story of Auinozoaun. Watching other tales play out before her from different civilizations. Even had a eye on a band of travelers that would come to be called the Auinozoaun Rememnts who managed to outlive her creation by finding the passage she made to seek refuge in Hoshizoran universe only this time they ended up in the Hoshizora galaxy instead of a Supervoid.

With her creation having sung its story she was very pleased with it. While she could have begun again she decided against it. Choosing to see how her surviving creation were doing. As per her personal code as a sculptor she was much more hands off when she watch Hoshizora. For any good sculptor would never mess with the work of another. That Hoshizora important events were not hers to sow. So as she has done before, she watches over both of Ishnar and Angelarium from afar. Making sure to never interfere with the higher workings of the universe. Thus from within the comfort of the fathomless void she watches to the sprawling creation of magic and adventure.

Looking deeper into the temples of Angelarium would result in new information about the Ten Houses of Ana'hosas. Mainly each separate House and what amalgamation of differing faiths each is. House Coriariena is a dysfunctional house of Welkin originating from Zeidaen and Acnologia. Respective native nations of Solgaleo and Aelius respectfully. The head of this problematic family is LinkJuter, the God of the Skies. A deity who like in both Zeidaen and Acnologia mythos is strict, disciplined, militaristic, responsible, calm and warlike. He is a Welkin of light and sky, and protector of the state and its laws. However he goes through bouts of sanctimoniousness, condescension and narcissism. Not to mention he can be extremely paranoid, selfish, and hypocritical in the worse of times. For all his flaws he can be a good king of the house. Often holding paternal mannerism towards his children. Juter also limits how and when the Welkin can interact with mortals and demigods, showing a more strict and closed up relationship even towards his own demigod children.

House Anfauglir is the most personal house for the Ishnar civilization for a few reasons. Mainly it's made up of Amzielean original religions that stayed relevant to them for so long that they named their stellar civilization after the head Welkin of their faith. LinkIshnar, the Welkin of beauty, good harvests, war, lust, discord and fertility. Despite her somewhat uncontrollable and whimsical nature, Ishnar has come to be a caring head of the household. She will never do things such as looking down on someone, including mortals. Her virtue of taking care of people is very edivent in her actions, deeming that the future of mortals is something worth looking over for. It should be remembered however, that while she is a Welkin who governs over the good harvests that brings prosperity to the people, and as well rules over war and destruction.

House Gulanoron is a strange and wonderful range of fascinating faiths that originate from small stellar nations or from more ecological sensitive cultures. The biggest example being the Teu-tel-quessir race, Rayla's brethren. The House is somewhat decentralized due to being centered on the more shamanistic aspects of life. At the head of the house sits LinkBellobog. Welkin of Life, Good Luck, Happines, Motherhood, and New Beginnings. An very benevolent Welkin who takes it upon herself to ensure that all mortals flourish in prosperity. Often referred to as the White Welkin, she keeps up good relations with the rest of the Houses and is usually the first to rally them together in times of need.

It's to be stated that Welkin exist beyond the third dimension. Including the dimesnion of time which meant that a House could have Welkins from the past, present, and even the future. The latter is the most prominent in House Arvandor in which most of its Welkin came from the far future. Hailing from empires still chugging in the Immensus Galaxy, the believed last true galaxy of the Auinozoaun Universe. The Father of Otsutsukians, LinkYagami was voted as the head of the houshold due to his sage like wisdom and judgement. He's a philosophical Welkin, greatly skilled with "outside" knowledge, and yet still has the individuality to seek for truth in the universe that far too great to be understood. In other cultures he was revered to as the Heavenly Sovereign. Yagami is collected in his thoughts, and rarely has emotional outburst.

Akin to House Gulanoron there's another house that has close ties to nature and its animals. House Taure is generally more around spirits and the forces of nature rather than actual Welkin. Composed of faiths from nomadic fleets that sailed across the void to primitive species that never reached the space age. LinkIachoc is a amalgation of numerous Welkin to repersent the multiple aspects of nature. While she can be a all-round nice Welkin, full of wisdom and a friendly benefactor of Amizelean. She is very much unpredictable and violent. Often apathic and not bound to any morality.

House Malinaear is a celestial cocktail of diverse Welkin who hail from the Orrish Collective. A conglomerate of Megacorps who at their peak, had influence throughout most of Auinozoaun. There is a remarkable innocence about the Welkin of Malinaear. They seem naive and unworldly, believing the best of everyone and optimistically giving the benefit of the doubt to all and sundry. The great chief of the household is LinkOlrisun, Welkin of the Sky and the Heavens. While powerful he seeks no worshippers and asks for no offerings, yet entire nations of the Orrish Collective had followed his ideals. Like the stars, he is a remote deity, content to sit in quiet contemplation of the myriad wonders of creation. And he is powerful enough to ensure the sanctity of his solitude. As befits a being of such might, Oirisun is wise beyond measure, and rarely acts rashly or without some greater purpose in mind. Peaceful by nature, he will nonetheless fight when the need is great.

Wherever the Heavenly Trees were planted across Auinozoaun it had led to many myths to be formed around them. House Ornorod is centered on this theme. Most of the mythology is centered around trees, animals, natural forces... and more trees. They are also the caretakers for the Birds of Endlessness. The Welkin of this house can be traced back to the Black Horde influence on Auinozoaun. Led by the Great Khan, the Black Horde were nomadic and militant FTL societies that have eschewed planetary dwelling in favor of living on ships and stations, subsisting largely on raiding each other and extorting tribute from settled empires. These marauders had been a thorn to many interstellar sides across the eons. Their warring nature in turn shape the nature of the Welkin, making them more violent. In House Ornorod the mythos remain the same. Many Amziels believing to die in honorable combat is to be granted access to the silver halls of Ornorod. At the head of this household is LinkEyfr, All-knowing Allmother of the Welkin. Lady of War, Knowledge, Death, and the Night. Despite her gloomy nature she loves and protect all her children equally, as any mother would.

House Agarndor is the most bloody house out of Ana'hosas due to how much ritual sacrifice is involved in most of the Welkin mythologies. This is due to the house being made of Welkin who came from argicultural socieites that rely on sustaining a propsures cycle to have good harvest and plentiful luxeriies. The Xanmeer Empire was the largest out of these civilizations. Whose horrid deeds of genocide is heard all across Auinozoaun. Despite the bloody and often violent Welkin of the house they are all rallied under LinkChaillix, Welkin of Agriculture, Fertility, Rain and Lightning. It's also said that she's the maiden of the moon. For they say the sun is her lover, and from his light does she shine, but those that say so have never beheld her. Left unrestrained, the sun burns skin, scorches the land, blinds the eyes. Moonlight does no such thing. Like soft white petals it blankets the night, casting the world into mystical illumination. Never has it brought calamity or ruin, only the chance to see where once there was none. She is no different. Her mysterious radiance needs no other to shine. In Amziel culture she's regarded as the Terraforming Welkin, for she helps the process of bringing life to inhospital worlds.

House Alulanta is a collection of Welkin from the Anean Supercluster. All having influenced and/or be the source of inspiration from aquatic species in the cluster. It's also known for many eldritch elements of faith that were group up with Alulanta. For the abyss spawn many stories of wonders and terrors into the universe. LinkAndosi, Sheperd of the Abyss and caretaker of Alulanta Welkins. Overall she's a benevolent Welkin but is prone to periods of temperment and fickleness.

Lastly, House Elithquerna is often regarded as the most powerful house. More so than House Coriariena. Its themes are centered around the liberation of the soul from the cycle of birth and rebirth. The house is composed of glitzy, glittery glamorous Welkin. They’re much larger than life and even more colorful. Their myths have mightier deeds, more heroic adventures, raunchier love stories and of course far dirtier daemons than almost any other house. The battles are more exciting than their worshippers could possibly cope with and a thousand transmogrifications are par for the course. The source of their origin is a bit vauge but it's alluded that most of the pantheon came from a certain part of Auinozoaun that was governed over by a large stellar nation. The supreme ruler of this houshold is LinkKarnivna. Welkin of Charity, War, Storms and Fighting. His personality is cold and unforgiving. Although conversing with him may give the impression that he is indecisive and somewhat boring, in reality he is always deep in thought and has a loyal heart. He gives an impression of being cold and cruel because he believes that most things and events are “normal”, and therefore he does not interfere. Due to this characteristic, he does not really have negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy. Because his behaviors target people’s “true nature that should not be put to words”, he is disliked by many.

Aoanno was not the only celestial being to have sired Demigods. Though they are referred to as Demiwelkin, or half-bloods, a race of beings who are half-mortal, half-welkin. They possess mortal souls and are vulnerable to old age and death though longer than average mortal lifespans; however, their divine blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats usually not possible by mortals. Even posses a higher chance of using Die Ewigkeit formula, bringing the mortal 0.00000008% up to a whopping 0.000008%. When a demigod reaches a certain age, normally early teens, their powers start to manifest. However it's to be noted that unlike pure divine blood such as the Aoanno family. Celestial blood from Welkin tend to fade over the generations. By the fifth generation the divne potency is halved and fades completely by the tenth generation.

When the Ten Houses of Ana'hosas trickle into the Hoshizoran universe overtime the Immaculate One knew that there needed to be a set of guidelines to ensure order among the houses and bring them under one ceiling. Over many months the Welkin, Immaculate One, and the Clock Council all had arguments practical, ethical, religious and secular that are brought forth in favor of one viewpoint or another. Many trying to advance their own vague agenda that seems to change from hour to hour. Finally they eventually came to a agreement and finalized the Pantheon Convention. One hundred volumes of articles, laws, restrictions, and plenty of red tape to wrap around a planet thirty times over. The most kown law that came from this doctrine is 'No Welkin shall attempt to spread the ideals they embody throughout the universe nor convert foreign space with the sole exception being through the Transdualism Contract that is then approved by the Immaculate One.' This and along with other regulations have made it so that any siginifcant action must be first approved by the Immaculate One. Another being that they are not allowed to spread any form of influnce outside of the dimension that carbon/silicone base lifeforms reside in.