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Red Flag Law positions of politicians

Red flag laws are a pretty one-sided issue. The Constitution assures that Americans have a right to due process (5th amendment AND 14th amendments), a right to a trial by jury (7th amendment), and an individual right to keep and bear arms (2nd amendment). These rights have been reaffirmed over and over again by the Supreme Court of the United States in cases such as DC vs. Heller and Rodriguez v. United States. However, red flag laws say, to the contrary, that you have none of these rights, and, with no hearing nor fair trial, you can simply be stripped of your Constitutional rights at whim.

Despite this, several "Republicans" In Name Only, who claim themselves supporters of the Constitution, and Democrats (who are more open about their disgust with Constitutional rights, at least, just ask them about the Second Amendment) have banded together to support these red flag laws.

This is, rather obviously, totally unacceptable, so I have put together a voting guide on which senators and senate candidates will stand with the Constitution and the American people and which will stand with rich corporate donors and lobbyists over the Constitution they swore to uphold. Make sure you vote in your state's primary elections in addition to the general election, everyone (even people not part of the party in some states) has a say as to who runs.

Senators and Senate Candidates

Supporting unconstitutional red flag laws


Defending the right to Due Process for Americans