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Constitution of the Council of Constructed Languages [Archaic]

The Constitution of them CCL has since been replaced. This document shall remain for historicity

Constitution of the Council of Constructed Languages

The Nations of the Council of Constructed Languages, so as to form a greater Union, establish peace between the resident Nations and the Greater World, and allow the Bonds of Culture to flow between us all, establish this Constitution as the Supreme Bedrock of Law and Unity.

Article I: Constituent Nations
The Council of Constructed Languages is to be a region made up of nations that recognize, as an official or co-official language, any constructed language.
1a. Defines, for the purposes of this constitution, a language that arose by deliberate effort, and not as a natural process of linguistic evolution.
1b. Forbids, unto eternity, membership within the Council to the Federal Republic of Serzchepha.
1c. With the exception of the Aforementioned, any Nation is free to enter and exit the league, at their prerogative, so long as they meet the conditions stipulated in Article I.

Article II: Regional Officers
2a. Establishes the position of Original Member, an automatic position that shall not be transferred.
2a-1. An Original Member is defined as any Nation which was in the League of Constructed Nations upon the day of its dissolution.
2a-2 Grants, unto the Original Members, the power to Set Polls, set the Flag of the Council, and Request, Deny or withdraw Embassies with or from other Regions.
2b. Establishes the position of World Assembly Delegate, of which there may only be one at any given time.
2b-1. Confers upon the Delegate all the Powers of the Original Members, in addition to the Combined Vote of the Region in the World Assembly, the ability to Create and Change Passwords to enter the Region, the power to Eject and Ban Nations, to Suppress and Unsuppress Statements by Nations on the Regional Message Board, and to appoint new officers.
2b-2. The Delegate must, in order to exercise the power to create passwords, create a poll lasting for a minimum of 48 hours, open to all Member Nations of the Region, with the exception of Puppets of the Delegate, if there are any.
2b-c. If the Delegate exercises the Power to Eject or Ban any Nation, they must submit, within the next 24 hours, a written report explaining their reasoning, which must be pinned to the top of the Factbook Entries for the Council for no less than 24 hours.
2c. Creates the Position of Message Board Moderator, of which there may be no more than 3, none of which may be the Delegate or any Puppet thereof. The Moderators shall have the power to suppress or unsurpress Statements on the Regional Message Board.
2d. Establishes the position of Vice Delegate, who shall take over all the Powers and Limitations of the Delegate should they be found unable to fulfill their duties by a majority of the Nations, in a vote lasting no less than 72 hours.

Article III. International Relations
3a. The Member Nations of the League, do hereby give up their sovereign right to make War upon each other, and agree to, in the event of a dispute, submit themselves to a panel of 5 Arbitrators, who shall be chosen at random, to resolve the issue, with the Founder serving as the 5th Arbitrator, unless they refuse themself.
3b. The Member Nations of the League, do hereby give up their sovereign right to make individual treaties with each other, and henceforth, join together in a Common Pact, universal in between each Nation.

The Allied States of Kowani