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Nanako Birds List


br. = Breeding
re. = resident (su- : summer, wn- : winter)
mi. = migratory halt
|E| = endemic
|A| = Accidental (few couples observed cut from main residential/passage areas, probable vagrants)
|I| = Introduced
LC = Least Concern
NT = Near Threatened
VU = Vulnerable
EN = Endangered
CR = Critically Endangered
EW = Extinct in the Wild
EX = Extinct
Ducks, geese, and waterfowl
NT - Emperor goose (A. Canagicus) - br. su-re.
VU - Oriental Snow Goose (A. c. Orientalis) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - Greater White-fronted Goose (A. a. albifrons) - wn-re.
LC - Taiga bean goose (A. f. middendorffii) - br. re.
LC - Tundra bean goose (A. serrirostris) - br. re.
LC - Brant goose (B. bernicla) - su-re.
CR - Bering cackling goose (B. h. asiatica) - br. re. |E| (by default : extinct form other breeding places)
LC - Cackling goose (B. h. hutchinsii) - su-re.
LC - Mute Swan (C. olor) - br. re. |I|
LC - Nashasgorov's Trumpeter Swan (C. b. Borealis) - br. re. |E|
LC - Tundra Swan (C. c. bewickii) - su-re.
LC - Whooper Swan (C. cygnus) - br. re.
CR - Crested shelduck (T. cristata) - br. su-re.
LC - Mandarin Duck (A. galericulata) - br. su-re.
LC - Baikal Teal (S. formosa) - br. re.
LC - Garganey (S. querquedula) - br. su-re.
LC - Northern Shoveler (S. clypeata) - br. re.
LC - Gadwall (M. strepera) - br. su-re.
NT - Falcated Duck (M. falcata) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian Wigeon (M. penelope) - mi.
LC - American wigeon (M. americana) - wn-re. |A|
LC - Eastern Spot-billed Duck (A. zonorhyncha) - br. su-re.
LC - Mallard (A. p. platyrhynchos) - br. su-re.
LC - Northern pintail (A. acuta) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian teal (A. Crecca) - br. re.
VU - Common Pochard (A. ferina) - wn-re.
NT - Kouril Ferruginous Duck (A. n. Kurilae) - br. re. |E|
CR - Baer's Pochard (A. baeri) - br. su-re.
LC - Tufted duck (A. fuligula) - br. re.
LC - Greater Scaup (A. m. marila) - br. re.
VU - Steller's eider (P. stelleri) - possible br. wn-re.
NT - Okhotsk King Eider (S. s. Australis) - br. re. |E|
NT - Common eider (S. m. v-nigra) - wn-re.
LC - Harlequin Duck (H. h. pacificus) - br. re.
LC - White-winged Scoter (M. deglandi) - wn-re.
NT - Black scoter (M. americana) - br. re.
VU - Long-tailed Duck (C. hyemalis) - wn-re.
LC - Common goldeneye (B. c. clangula) - br. re.
LC - Smew (M. albellus) - br. re.
LC - Common goosander (M. m. Merganser) - br. su-re.
LC - Red-breasted merganser (M. serrator) - br. re.
LC - Barrow's goldeneye (B. islandica) - br. re.

Pheasants, grouse, and allies
LC - Indian peafowl (P. cristatus) - br. re. |I|
NT - Japanese quial (C. japonica) - br. re.
NT - Nanakian Snow pheasant (Syrmaticus doriae nivalis) - br. re. |E|
LC - Japanese green pheasant (P. versicolor) - br. re. Endemic to the Japanese Islands chain. (Inculding Nanako)
LC - Hazel grouse (T. bonasia) - br. re.
LC - Nanakian Rock ptarmigan (L. m. Nanakae) - br. re. |E|
NT - Siberian grouse (F. falcipennis) - br. re.
LC - Kamchatka Willow ptarmigan (L. l. kamtschatkensis) - br. re.
LC - Okadai Willow ptarmigan (L. l. okadai) - br. re.
LC - Black-billed capercaillie (T. urogalloides) - br. re.

LC - Little gerbe (T. r. poggei) - br. re.
VU - Horned grebe (P. a. auritus) - br. re.
LC - Red-necked grebe (P. g. holboelii) - br. re.
LC - Black-necked grebe (P. n. nigricollis) - wn-re.

Pigeons and doves
LC - Common pigeon (C. livia) - br. re. |I|
NT - Japanese Wood pigeon (C. janthina) - br. re.
EN - Amagi Silver Dove (C. Amagii) - br. re. |E|
LC - Oriental turtle dove (S. Orientalis) - br. su-re.
LC - White-bellied green pigeon (T. sieboldii) - br. su-re.



LC - Northern Hawk-Cuckoo (H. hyperythrus) - br. su-re.
LC - Lesser Cuckoo (C. poliocephalus) - br. su-re.
LC - Common cuckoo (C. canorus) - br. su-re.
LC - Oriental cuckoo (C. optatus) - br. su-re.

Nightjars and allies
LC - Grey nightjar (C. jotaka) - br. su-re.

LC - White-throated needletail (H. caudacutus) - br. su-re.
LC - Pacific swift (A. pacificus) - br. su-re.

Rails, gallinules, and coots
LC - Brown-cheeked rail (R. indicus) - br. su-re.
EN - Sea Ice Swift Coot (Fulica glacialis) - br. re. |E|
LC - Common moorhen (G. chloropus) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian coot (F. altra) - br. su-re.
LC - Baillon's crake (P. pusilla) - br. su-re.
VU - Swinhoe's Rail (C. exquisitus) - br. re.

CR - Okhotsk White Crane (Leucogeranus maritimus) - br. su-re. |E|
EN - Red-crowned crane (G. japonensis) - br. re.

Stilts and avocets

NT - Eurasian oystercatcher (H. ostralegus osculans) - br. su-re.
LC - Black Tadekawa Oystercatcher (H. b. Tadekawae) - br. re. |E|

Plovers and lapwings
LC - Grey plover (P. squatarola) - wn-re.
LC - Pacific golden plover (P. fulva) - mi.
NT - Northern lapwing (V. vanellus) - wn-re.
LC - Grey-headed lapwing (V. cinereus) - br. su-re.
LC - Lesser sand plover (C. m. stegmanni) - br. su-re.
LC - Kentish plover (C. a. nihonensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Common ringed plover (C. h. tundrae) - mi.
LC - Long-billed plover (C. placidus) - br. su-re.
LC - Little Ringed Plover (C. d. curonicus) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian dotterel (C. morinellus) - mi.
LC - Bering Golden Plover (Pluvialis dominica kamtschatkensis) - br. su-re.



Sandpipers and allies
LC - Whimbrel (N. p. variegatus) - mi.
LC - Little curlew (N. minutus) - mi.
EN - Far Eastern curlew (N. madagascariensis) - br. su-re.
CR - Slender-billed curlew (N. tenuirostris) - wn-re.
NT - Bar-tailed godwit (L. l. baueri) - mi.
NT - Black-tailed godwit (L. l. melanuroides) - br. su-re.
LC - Ruddy turnstone (A. interpres) - br. su-re.
EN - Great knot (C. tenuirostris) - mi.
NT - Red Knot (C. c. Rogersi) - mi.
LC - Ruff (C. pugnax) - mi.
LC - Broad-billed sandpiper (C. falcinellus) - mi.
LC - Sharp-tailed sandpiper (C. acuminata) - mi.
NT - Curlew sandpiper (C. ferruginea) - mi.
LC - Temminck's stint (C. temminckii) - mi.
LC - Long-toed stint (C. subminuta) - br. su-re.
CR - Spoon-billed sandpiper (C. pygmaea) - mi.
NT - Red-necked stint (C. ruficollis) - mi.
NT - Black-tailed sanderling (Calidris alba nigrumcoda) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - Chukchi Dunlin (C. a. sakhalina) - br. su-re.
LC - Sea of Okhotsk Dunlin (C. a. kistchinski) - br. su-re.
LC - Sakhalin Dunlin (C. a. actites) - br. su-re.
LC - Commander Islands Rock Sandpipier (C. p. quarta) - br. su-re.
LC - Little stint (C. minuta) - mi. |A : seasonality uncertain|
LC - Least Sandpiper (C. minutilla) - br. su-re. |A : recently large populations arrival due to climate change)
LC - Pectoral sandpiper (C. melanotos) - mi.
LC - Long-billed dowitcher (L. scolopaceus) - mi.
LC - Eurasian woodcock (S. Rusticola) - br. su-re.
LC - Solitary snipe (G. s. solitaria) - br. re.
LC - Japanese Solitary snipe (G. s. japonica) - br. su-re.
LC - Latham's snipe (G. hardwickii) - br. su-re.
LC - Common snipe (G. g. gallinago) - mi.
LC - Pin-tailed snipe (G. stenura) - mi.
LC - Swinhoe's snipe (G. megala) - mi.
LC - South Terek sandpiper (Xenus cinereus aestivus) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - Terek sandpiper (X. cinereus) - mi.
LC - Red-necked phalarope (P. lobatus) - wn-re.
LC - Red phalarope (P. fulicarius) - mi.
LC - Common sandpiper (A. hypoleucos) - br. su-re.
LC - Green sandpiper (T. ochropus) - br. su-re.
NT - Gray-tailed tattler (T. brevipes) - br. su-re. mi.
LC - Spotted redshank (T. erythropus) - mi.
LC - Common greenshank (T. nebularia) - br. su-re.
EN - Nordmann's greenshank (T. guttifer) - br. su-re. |N.B. : largest breeding site|
LC - Wood sandpiper (T. glareola) - br. su-re.
CR - Eskimo curlew (Numenius borealis) - br. su-re. |A : breeding started 2014, unknown reason)


Pratincoles and coursers

Skuas and jaegers
LC - South polar skua (S. maccormicki) - su-re.
LC - Pomarine jaeger (S. pomarinus) - (few) br. su-re.
LC - Parasitic jaeger (S. parasiticus) - br. su-re.
LC - Long-tailed jaeger (S. l. pallescens) - br. su-re.
LC - Narukami Great Brown skua (Stercorarius skua orientalis) - br. re. |E|

Auks, murres, and puffins
LC - Little auk (A. a. poralis) - wn-re.
LC - Common murre (U. a. inornata) - br. re.
LC - Thick-billed murre (U. l. arra) - br. re.
LC - Pigeon guillemot (C. c. snowi) - br. re.
LC - Pigeon guillemot (C. c. kaiurka) - br. re. |A|
LC - Spectacled guillemot (C. carbo) - br. re.
NT - Long-billed murrelet (B. perdix) - br. re.
NT - Kittlitz's murrelet (B. brevirostris) - wn-re.
LC - Ancient murrelet (S. a. antiquus) - br. re.
LC - Commander Islands Ancient Murrelet (S. a. microrhynchos) - wn-re.
VU - Japanese murrelet (S. wumizusume) - su-re.
LC - Parakeet auklet (A. psittacula) - br. re.
LC - Least auklet (A. pusilla) - br. re.
LC - Whiskered auklet (A. pygmaea) - br. re.
LC - Crested auklet (A. cristatella) - br. re.
LC - Rhinoceros auklet (C. monocerata) - br. re.
LC - Horned puffin (F. corniculata) - br. re.
LC - Tufted puffin (F. cirrhata) - br. re.
CR - Greak Nanakian Auk (Pinguinus Nanakae) - br. re. |E| |N.B. : Cousin of the Great auk (Pinguinus impennis) today extinct|
EN - Brandsworth's Marbled murrelet (Brachyramphus marmoratus bandsworthus) - br. re. |E|
NT - Cassin's auklet (P. a. aleuticus) - br. re.

Gulls, terns, and skimmers
VU - Black-legged kittiwake (R. t. pollicaris) - br. re.
VU - Red-legged kittiwake (R. brevirostris) - br. re.
NT - Okhotsk Brandsworth's Gull (Pagophila Nanakae) - br. re. |E|
LC - Sabine's gull (X. s. tschuktschorum) - re.
LC - Black-headed gull (C. ridibundus) - br. re.
LC - Little Gull (H. minutus) - br. su-re.
LC - Ross's gull (R. rosea) - wn-re.
LC - Black-tailed gull (L. crassirostris) - br. re.
LC - Common gull (L. c. kamtschatschensis) - br. re.
LC - Vega gull (L. vegae) - br. re.
LC - American herring gull (L. smithsonianus) - br. re.
LC - Slaty-backed gull (L. schistisagus) - br. re.
LC - Glaucous-winged gull (L. glaucescens) - br. re.
LC - Glaucous gull (L. h. pallidissimus) - wn-re.
VU - Aleutian tern (O. aleuticus) - br. re.
LC - Little tern (S. albifrons) - br. su-re.
NT - Naoto White-winged tern (Chlidonias Naotoae) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - White-winged tern (C. leucopterus) - mi.
LC - Common tern (S. h. longipennis) - br. su-re.
LC - Artic tern (S. paradisaea) - mi. |A|


LC - Red-throated loon (G. stellata) - br. re.
LC - Black-throated loon (G. a. viridigularis) - br. re.
LC - Pacific loon (G. pacifica) - wn-re.
NT - Yellow-billed loon (G. adamsii) - wn-re.

NT - Laysan albatross (P. immutabilis) - br. re.
NT - Black-footed albatross (P. nigripes) - br. re.
VU - Short-tailed albatross (P. albatrus) - br. re.

Southern storm-petrels

Northern storm-petrels
LC - Fork-tailed storm petrel (O. furcata) - br. re.
VU - Leach's storm petrel (O. leucorhoa) - br. re.
NT - Swinhoe's storm petrel (O. monorhis) - br. re.
LC - Band-rumped storm petrel (O. castro) - br. re.
NT - Tristram's storm petrel (O. tristrami) - br. re.

Shearwaters and petrels
LC - Northern fulmar (F. g. rodgersii) - br. re.
NT - Mottled petrel (P. inexpectata) - su-re.
VU - White-necked petrel (P. cervicalis) - re.
LC - Bonin petrel (P. hypoleuca) - br. re.
LC - Black-winged Petrel (P. nigripennis) - su-re.
LC - Bulwer's petrel (B. bulwerii) - (few)br. su-re.
NT - Streaked shearwater (C. leucomelas) - br. su-re.
NT - Flesh-footed shearwater (A. carneipes) - su-re.
VU - Buller's shearwater (A. bulleri) - su-re. |A|
NT - Sooty shearwater (A. grisea) - su-re.
LC - Short-tailed shearwater (A. tenuirostris) - su-re.

EN - Oriental stork (C. boyciana) - br. su-re.
LC - Black stork (C. nigra) - mi. |A|


Boobies and gannets
LC - Bering Gannet (M. Brandsii) - br. su-re. |E|

Cormorants and shags
LC - Red-faced cormorant (P. urile) - br. re.
LC - Pelagic cormorant (P. pelagicus) - br. re.
LC - Great cormorant (P. carbo) - br. re.
LC - Japanese cormorant (P. capillatus) - br. re.

Herons, egrets, and bitterns
LC - Eurasian bittern (B. stellaris) - br. su-re.
LC - Yellow bittern (I. sinensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Von Schrenck's bittern (I. eurhythmus) - br. su-re.
LC - Gray heron (A. c. jouyi) - br. re.
LC - Eastern great egret (A. a. modesta) - br. re.
LC - Intermediate egret (A. intermedia) - br. su-re.
LC - Little egret (E. garzetta) - br. su-re.
LC - Striated heron (B. striata) - br. su-re.
LC - Black-crowned night heron (N. nycticorax) - br. su-re.

Ibises and spoonbills
EN - Japanese crested ibis (N. nippon) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian spoonbill (P. leucorodia) - mi. |A|

LC - Osprey (P. haliaetus) - br. re.

Hawks, eagles, and kites
VU - Steller's Sea Eagle (H. pelagicus) - br. re. |N.B. : largest population|
LC - Siberian Black Kite (Milvus Sibiricus) - br. re. |E|
LC - Black-eared kite (M. m. lineatus) - br. re.
LC - Nanakian Gray-Faced Buzzard (B. i. Septemtria) - br. re. |E|
LC - Grey-Faced Buzzard (B. indicus) - br. su-re.
LC - Japanese Golden Eagle (A. c. Japonica) - br. re.
LC - Siberian/Kamchatka Golden Eagle (A. c. kamtschatica) - br. re.
VU - Eastern Imperial Eagle (A. heliaca) - re. |A|
LC - Eastern Buzzard (B. japonicus) - br. su-re.
NT - Dojima Eastern Buzzard (B. j. Dojimae) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - White-Tailed Eagle (H. albicilla) - br. re.
LC - Common redshank (T. t. ussuriensis) - br. re.
LC - Crested honey buzzard (P. ptilorhynchus) - br. su-re.
LC - Japanese Hawk-eagle (N. n. orientalis) - br. re.
LC - Japanese Golden Eagle (A. c. japonica) - br. re.
LC - Siberian Golden Eagle (A. c. kamtschatica) - br. re.
LC - Eastern marsh harrier (C. soilonotus) - br. su-re.
LC - Hen harrier (C. cyaneus) - br. re.
LC - Pied harrier (C. melanoleucos) - mi. |A|
LC - Japanese sparrowhawk (A. gularis) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian Sparrowhawk (A. n. nisosimilis) - br. su-re. |N.B. : few re.|
LC - Northern goshawk (A. g. albidus) - br. su-re.
LC - Northern goshawk (A. g. fujiyamae) - br. re.
LC - Northern goshawk (A. g. schvedowi) - br. su-re.
LC - Rough-legged buzzard (B. lagopus) - wn-re.


LC - Boreal Owl (A. f. Magnus) - br. re.
LC - Siberian Boreal Owl (A. f. Sibiricus) - br. re.
VU - Nanakian Boreal Owl (Budo Nanakae) - br. re. |E|
LC - Japanese scops owl (O. semitorques) - br. re.
LC - Oriental scops owl (O. s. japonicus) - br. su-re.
LC - Oriental scops owl (O. s. stictonotus) - br. su-re.
LC - Yakutian eagle-owl (B. b. jakutensis) - br. re.
LC - Ussuri eagle-owl (B. b. ussuriensis) - br. re.
EN - Blakiston's fish owl (B. b. blakistoni) - br. re.
LC - Ural Owl (S. uralensis) - br. re.
LC - Long-eared owl (A. otus) - br. re.
LC - Short-eared owl (A. flammeus) - br. re.
LC - Brown hawk-owl (N. scutulata) - br. su-re.

LC - Eurasian hoopoe (U. epops) - br. su-re. |A|

LC - Common kingfisher (A. a. bengalensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Crested kingfisher (M. lugubris) - br. re.


LC - Oriental dollarbird (E. o. cyanocollis) - br. su-re.

LC - Eurasian wryneck (J. t. chinensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Eurasian three-toed woodpecker (P. tridactylus) - br. re.
LC - Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker (P. k. seebohmi) - br. re.
LC - White-backed woodpecker (D. l. subcirris) - br. re.
LC - White-backed woodpecker (D. l. leucotos) - br. re.
LC - Great spotted woodpecker (B. major) - br. re.
LC - Lesser spotted woodpecker (D. m. kamtschatkensis) - br. re.
LC - Lesser spotted woodpecker (D. m. immaculatus) - br. re.
LC - Lesser spotted woodpecker (D. m. amurensis) - br. re.
LC - Grey-headed woodpecker (P. c. jessoensis) - br. re.
LC - Black woodpecker (D. martius) - br. re.
NT - Nekodaka Red-Headed Woodpecker (Campephilus Nanakae) - br. re. |E|

Falcons and caracaras
LC - Common Kestrel (F. tinnunculus) - br. su-re.
LC - Common Kestrel (F. t. interstinctus) - br. su-re.
LC - Merlin (F. columbarius/a. pacificus) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian hobby (F. subbuteo) - br. su-re.
LC - Gryfalcon (F. rusticolus) - su-re.
LC - Peregrine Falcon (F. p. japonensis) - br. re.

Old World parrots




LC - Bull-headed shrike (L. bucephalus) - br. su-re.
LC - Brown Shrike (L. c. superciliosus) - br. su-re.
LC - Northern shrike (L. b. bianchii) - br. re.

Old World orioles
LC - Black-naped oriole (O. c. diffusus) - br. su-re.


Monarch flycatchers

Crows, jays, and magpies
LC - Eurasian jay (G.g. brandtii) - br. re.
LC - Azure-winged magpie (C. cyanus) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian magpie (P. p. camtschatica) - br. re.
LC - Spotted nutcracker (N. c. japonica) - br. re.
LC - Rook (C. f. pastinator) - br. su-re.
LC - Eastern carrion crow (C. c. orientalis) - br. re.
LC - Northern Jungle Crow (C. m. japonensis) - br. re.

Bearded reedling

LC - Japanese Eurasian skylark (A. a. Japonica) - br. su-re.
LC - Kamtchatka Eurasian skylark (A. a. pekinensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Sakhalin Eurasian skylark (A. a. Ionnbergi) - br. su-re.
LC - Nanakian Eurasian sktlark (A. a. nauticæ) - br. su-re. |E|

LC - Sand Martin (R. r. ijimae) - br. su-re.
LC - Sand Martin (R. r. riparia) - br. su-re.
LC - Barn swallow (H. r. gutturalis) - br. su-re.
LC - Red-rumped swallow (C. daurica) - br. su-re.
LC - Asian house martin (D. dasypus) - br. su-re.

Tits, chickadees, and titmice
LC - Coal Tit (P. ater) - br. re.
LC - Coal Tit (P. a. insularis) - br. re.
LC - Varied Tit (S. varius) - br. re.
LC - Brandsworth's Arctic Tit (P. arcticae) - br. re. |E|
LC - Marsh Tit (P. p. ernsti) - br. re.
LC - Marsh tit (P. p. hensoni) - br. re.
LC - willow-tit (P. m. kamtschatkensis) - br. re.
LC - willow tit (P. m. sachalinensis) - br. re.
LC - willow tit (P. m. restrictus) - br. re.
LC - Japanese tit (P. minor) - br. re.


Long-tailed tits
LC - Long-tailed tit (Ae. c. caudatus) - br. re.

LC - Siberian nuthatch (S. arctia) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian nuthatch (S. e. clara) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian nuthatch (S. e. takatsukasai) - br. re.

LC - Eurasian Treecreeper (C. f. orientalis) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian Treecreeper (C. f. nanakensis) - br. re.

LC - Eurasian wren (T. t. fumigatus) - br. re.
LC - Eurasian wren (T. t. kurilensis) - wn-re.

LC - Brown dipper (C. p. pallasii) - br. re.

LC - Japanese Brown-eared bulbul (H. amaurotis) - br. re.

LC - Goldcrest (R. r. japonensis) - br. su-re.

Bush warblers and allies
LC - Asian stubtail (U. squameiceps) - br. su-re.
LC - Japanese bush warbler (H. d. riukiuensis) - br. su-re.

Leaf warblers
LC - Yellow-browed Warbler (P. inornatus) - br. su-re.
LC - Pallas's Leaf-warbler (P. proregulus) - br. su-re.
LC - Radde's Warbler (P. schwarzi) - br. su-re.
LC - Dusky Warbler (P. fuscatus) - br. su-re.
LC - Eastern Crowned Warbler (P. coronatus) - br. su-re.
LC - Sakhalin leaf warbler (P. borealoides) - br. su-re.
LC - Nanako leaf warbler (Phylloscopus Nanakensis) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - Kamchatka leaf warbler (P. examinandus) - br. su-re.

Reed warblers and allies
LC - Black-browed Reed-warbler (A. bistrigiceps) - br. su-re.
LC - Oriental Reed-warbler (A. orientalis) - br. su-re.

Grassbirds and allies
LC - Sakhalin Grasshopper-warbler (L. amnicola) - br. su-re.
LC - Pallas's grasshopper-warbler (L. certhiola) - br. su-re.
LC - Middendorff's Grasshopper-warbler (L. ochotensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Lanceolated Warbler (L. l. hendersonii) - br. su-re.

Cisticolas and allies

Sylviid warblers

White-eyes, yuhinas, and allies
LC - Japanese White-eye (Z. japonicus) - br. su-re.

Laughingthrushes and allies

Old World flycatchers
LC - Grey-streaked Flycatcher (M. griseisticta) - br. su-re.
LC - Siberian Flycatcher (M. sibirica) - br. su-re.
LC - Asian Brown Flycatcher (M. dauurica) - br. su-re.
LC - Blue-and-white flycatcher (C. cyanomelana) - br. su-re.
LC - Rufous-tailed Robin (L. sibilans) - br. su-re.
LC - Japanese Robin (L. akahige) - br. su-re.
LC - Siberian Blue Robin (L. c. nechaevi) - br. su-re.
NT - Nanakian Bluethroat (Luscinia Kowalskii) - br. su-re.
LC - Siberian Rubythroat (C. calliope) - br. su-re.
LC - Orange-flanked Bush-robin (T. cyanurus) - br. su-re.
LC - Narcissus flycatcher (F. narcissina) - br. su-re.
LC - Mugimaki Flycatcher (F. mugimaki) - br. su-re.
LC - Red-throated Flycatcher (F. albicilla) - mi.
LC - Eastern Blue Rock-thrush (M. s. philippensis) - br. su-re.
LC - Siberian stonechat (S. maurus) - br. su-re.
LC - Arctic rock chat (Oenanthe septentrio) - br. su-re. |E|

Thrushes and allies
LC - White's Thrush (Z. a. aurea) - mi.
LC - White's Thrush (Z. a. toratugumi) - br. su-re.
LC - Sakhalin Thrush (G. s. davisoni) - br. su-re.
LC - Chesnut-spotted Nanako Thrush (Turdus maculatus) - br. su-re. |E|
LC - Japanese Thrush (T. cardis) - br. su-re.
LC - Eyebrowed Thrush (T. obscurus) - br. su-re.
LC - Brown-headed Thrush (T. chrysolaus) - br. su-re.
VU - Brandsworth's Izu thrush (T. nanakae) - br. su-re.
LC - Dusky Thrush (T. eunomus) - wn-re.

Wagtails and pipits
LC - Bering Sea yellow wagtail (M. t. Simillima)- br. su-re.
LC - Green-crowned yellow wagtail (M. t. taivana)- br. su-re.

The Republic of Nanako Island