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Azure Syndicate Hub (WIP)

Deploying conceptual verification...

To excavate the hidden riches of the heart


Greetings, Sophont.

The Azure Syndicate welcomes you.

Who are we?

If you need to ask, you probably don't need to know. But on the off-chance that you do...

We are thinkers. Cogitators, ones who peer into the unknown. Helmsmen of the final frontier (and no, space is not the final frontier. It hasn't held that title for what must be centuries now).

We examine, catalogue and experiment, striving towards a greater understanding of the forces that drive us. Ironic, no?

What these jokers are trying to tell you is that we're a whole bunch of scientists, cruising along in a giant spaceship and poking holes in the fabric of reality for the sake of it.

Ah, to hell with it. We welcome you into the Syndicate - theatrics be damned. Go on, scroll down for the juicy bits. We feel your lobes straining for knowledge.

Points of Interest:

The Director
He leads us, but where to?

The Overseer
Lapdog, lab rat-
You know I can read these too, right?
That's what I thought.

The Administrator
The hand that feeds.

The Security Forces
Our knights in shining armor.

The ISV Caeruleum
An ark for the world's knowledge.