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by The Tiandi Puppet holy blue of Munkcestrian Republic. . 144 reads.

Munkcestrian nuclear doctrine

Munkchester has nuclear weapons.

Munkchester will use its nuclear arsenal in the following circumstances:

  • If an invasion force lands in Munkchester proper (as in the city-state and surrounding area). this won't happen though because you won't be getting anywhere near Munkchester because you do realise how hard that would be, right?

  • If nuclear weapons are used against Munkchester and/or the Munkcestrian military. This includes colonies. It would be a proportional response, of course. If you nuke Munkchester proper that would result in the deaths of 99% of the Munkcestrian population and Munkchester would respond in kind by nuking you until 99% of your population is dead.

  • idk right now

written because of this