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Strike Kings Orbital Forces

If you've done the counting back and forth, you will have noticed an estimate 5 or so million unaccounted for in all the other records.

This is where the Strike Kings come in.

Through the use of orbital satellites, space-planes, and RFG, the Strike Kings maintain Uvoan's iron grip in earth's orbit. The primary tool for this?

The SPAPLA-03, An orbital Space Plane.


The SPAPLA-03 is a design based off the US Space Shuttle- With one primary difference. It's designed to get to orbit, and the moon, under it's own power. This is done through the usage of Asan Foundry A-88 engines, which have a thrust-to-weight ratio of nearly 750:1. Four of these engines means that the SPAPLA-03 can easily punch through the Mach 32 needed to enter orbit. This design of plane can move up to 4 satellites into orbit at once, along with up to 8 full RFG satellite reloads. Besides this, it can move up to 500 soldiers into orbit.

MK-2 Orbital Armor

'Orbital Armor', more commonly known as 'Space-Suits', are designed to allow solders of the Strike Force to operate in space. This is done through in-built thrusters, and the armor is... Known to be incredibly advanced, especially for the time. Many precise details are classified- For obvious reasons.

Orbital Ships

The orbital ships the SKOF makes use of are rare, but... Well, considering the situation Uvoan is in, they're perfect for the Uvoanian Orbital Forces..


The Orbital Rod Delivery and Interception System, or O.R.D.I.S. (Pronounced Ordis), is the primary backing force of the Uvoanian Orbital Forces. There are two primary types of platform- the actual 'Rod' platform, and then a communications/living/research version.

The ORDIS-A (Armed), is equipped with 48 RFGs. These RFGs are fairly large- 2 meters in diameter, and nearly 40 long, they can hit with nearly 400 Kilotons of force, more than enough to wipe most cities, and fortified bunkers, off the map. After being dropped from the satellites, they will typically take 7-10 minutes to hit a target. During this time, they will hit nearly 20x the speed of sound, and a full RFG salvo can devastate massive areas of land- And the exact criteria of usage is unknown, along with how many are in orbit. It's also known they mount missiles to defend themselves, along with heavier cannons. Because of all this, it is assumed Uvoan has a classified Orbital Fighter Program.


The 'Zanuka' class missile is Uvoan's primary anti-air missile. In use on everything from VLS pods, SAMs, and A-2-A engagements, it's a deadly standard. With a maximum engagement range of 500 Kilometers, a maximum speed of Mach 10, and a shrapnel cone big-enough to put a satellite on the ground in a single hit, nothing escapes this missile. It's primary tracking method is an inertial guidance, terminal active radar homing, along with multiple back-up systems, it can hit a fly at it's maximum range with ease. This missile has a standing kill rate of 99.97%, which also makes it one of the deadliest missiles, second behind the U.S. 'Jupiter' program, with the 'Jupiters' kill rate of 99.99%.

This missile is a well-loved Uvoanian standard.

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