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The Lazarene Public Welfare Society

The Lazarene Public Welfare Society is a charitable non-profit organization based in Lazarus comprised of shareholders in the Lazarene Corporation (LazCorp) and sympathetic financiers from abroad. The aim of the Society is to pool together capital for the purpose of providing food, clothing, shelter, and other amenities necessary for essential quality of life to the needy of Lazarus. This is necessary in the absence of publicly funded welfare programs due to Lazarus's current government form as a corporatocracy, which equates citizenship to ownership of stock in LazCorp and presses all current residents into manual servitude against their will by classification of these inhabitants as employees. As such, the Public Welfare Society subsidizes low-income, underemployed employees of LazCorp whose personal finances are barely sufficient to meet their basic needs, in order to increase their purchasing power and assist them in meeting their life needs and acquiring superior living conditions to those they currently possess. The Public Welfare Society intends to work closely with LazCorp in the process of improving the people's livelihoods, as the act of making goods and services provided by LazCorp more affordable to Lazarus's financially weaker elements through private subsidies would increase LazCorp profits through increased sales as well as accomplishing the main goal of simply helping the public.

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