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The Rockport Incident, Dismal Thursday, and Operation: ICEMAKER


The Rockport Incident, Dismal Thursday, and Army Operation: ICEMAKER
[8-30-2229 - Sunburned FM News Network]
[Written by Cindy Martinez, Journalist & Editor]

The Rockport Incident

On August 21, 2230, the city of Rockport on Multer Island was struck by a meteor, the size of which was massive. It prompted the National Guard and local police to evacuate the island after a large fire broke out. Mysteriously, a green gas was seen emanating from the crater by many. After evacuation efforts led the citizens to Nacona, a riot broke out over it. Detainees claimed that it was "unjust that they were forced away from their homes". Several citizens were killed during the riot, and the leader of the nation of Rothella claimed that the shooting was unjust, and that other means could have been used to take down the gunmen. This issue was debated on live television, and some argue that Arcadia's leader, Jerome Harrell, won the debate.

In an event the government claims is unrelated, an explosion rang out in the Stonehill Mountains on the Caledonian archipelago just below Mu that night. By the time authorities arrived, a body was found in the area by local residents and hikers. Several told reporters that they were threatened by the police, who they claim said that if the story got out, they would be arrested. It was also reported that there were dark figures running around with green stuff flowing off of their person. Could this be linked to the Rockport Incident?

The next day, a spacecraft was shot down by Arcadian military forces while fleeing the explosion in the Stonehill Mountains. Footage of this has not been released, however, leading people to believe it was unjustified. No one survived the crash. Citizens were not able to fly in these areas either. As a result, the nations of Rothella and Derika have provided assistance in this time of crisis, even going so far as to help with the quarantine procedures in Rockport. What is the Arcadian government hiding from us?

Dismal Thursday

On the stormy day of August 23rd, most of the refugees from Rockport had been redirected across the city of Nacona towards the Manassas Spaceport. What was unknown to the employees and military at the time was that a man had infiltrated the employee only area of the main terminal. He was seen walking across the runway and leaving packages in the landing gear bays of the civilian transports lined up on the runway; these were later found out to be bombs.

One of these bombs was given to a Derikan soldier, based on camera evidence. He was told it was payment for helping Arcadia. It is unknown why the soldier believed this. When it is assumed that the intruder ran out of bombs, he boarded a transport, still wearing the stolen backpack and uniform. He walked to the cockpit of the transport, which was under the callsign 7 Echo 2, and shot the pilot.

Derikan soldiers stormed the ship. Footage has not been obtained from the ship, but it is assumed that the suspect killed a soldier with augmentations. This has given pro-humanists another reason to fight against the distribution of augmentations. After the murder, the suspect ran along the tarmac to an airport shuttle, holding an employee hostage. He was cleared to leave because of the hostage. They were let off immediately after leaving the airport, and the shuttle was taken through the city.

Soon, it crashed into an office building after the uplink to RoadWare was disabled. The suspect fled into the building, taking cover inside and exchanging gunfire and explosive devices with the soldiers. Information gathered says that multiple soldiers were injured after inspecting a package thrown by the suspect. Arguably, this was an unintelligent move [haha Derika]. The suspect continued to flee up the stairs.

By this time, the street had been cordoned off. When the suspect reached the next floor, a Derikan robot breached the wall, firing at the man. However, he had some form of augmented armor, so he was protected. Witness reports say that the bot was ruined by the suspect when he threw an Electro-Magnetic Pulse grenade at it. Other reports say that the man was taken down by Rothellan snipers when he attempted to scale the building. Rothellan and Derikan forced moved in on the downed suspect, cuffing him and forcing him into a SWAT van after they injected him with something. This begs the question: what are police doing to criminals and possibly innocent people, and how could this affect you?

Nearly 1 hour after the arrest of the person, who is now deemed as a terrorist, Manassas Spaceport was ready to release the spacecraft to go to the relocation bunker. A wrench was thrown into the plans, however, when mutiple transports exploded soon after taking off. 1500 citizens and all soldiers and flight employees were incinerated. The Derikan ship that had received the "package of money" also went up in flames, killing all but 1. He has been placed into medical care. Could he have been involved in this scheme? We hope to soon find out.

The terrorist died the next day in the hospital. It was confirmed he had been supplied with illegal augmentations and was identified as Grant Tanaka. Surprisingly, he had no criminal record. However, this could mean bad reputation for the augmentation industry. President Jerome Harrell gave a speech on all topics a few days later. He then conversed with the leaders of other nations soon after, as well as the World Assembly. Authorities hope to soon crack down on causes of events like this to prevent them from happening again.

Operation: ICEMAKER

Operation: ICEMAKER is the name given to a joint police-military operation on Multer Island that seeked the end goal of providing care and evacuation to trapped citizens and the repair of the island [ooc - of course it wasnt that but you dont want the actual op getting publicized..]. Some conspiracy theorists, such as the internet personality Lazarus, claim that it was a military operation alone and that terrorists had bombed the island. This is confirmed to be untrue by the Arcadian government, and they state it was simply a well-placed meteor strike. However, could the government be hiding something from us?