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Response to the Statement by the Imperial Government of the LKE

The original statement from the LKE can be found at the following link:

[align=center][b][u][size=150]In response to the Statement by the Imperial Government of the LKE[/size][/u][/b][/align]

August 27, 2019|Tuesday

As Emperor of the New Roman Imperium i feel it is necessary to respond to this with a level of civility that was not shown by the NRI's members on this incident's date.

I was not able to see the entire incident myself, nor was i involved in anyway with the incident, as i was asleep during all of it, that part will become important later. I did however hear from the members themselves that did participate in the incident and were the perpetrators of it, them being the aforementioned Sarkos Tunchix (South Reinkalistan or SR), Leif Kjsaersgaard (Droiden), and Adrian Willzhelm (Greater Bastion). Let me make myself very clear right now, i do not support their actions, even though these are my friends, i do not condone in any way what they have done to the LKE, especially it's Discord and Off-Site Forums which require a lot of hard work and effort to work on. It is horrid and does deserve to be mentioned.

The members mentioned' involvement was already accurate as described by the Lord Salis, so instead i shall give my point of view regarding the incident, but first, i will preface it with this notice: I was not there during it, nor took part in any way with it. I was asleep during the incident so i cannot provide a side to that part, however i will describe to the point from when i woke up to when the New Roman Imperium was established.

When i woke up i found myself to be removed from the discord, and found out that something had happened over night when i was sleeping. So, i essentially invited myself back into the discord to get an answer for why i was removed. It turned out that i was removed simply for another member [b]merely mentioning my name and saying, on my behalf, whilst i was sleeping mind you, that i was going to join them in leaving.[/b] I was removed because someone else said something about me when i showed no signs of leaving in the first place. I was removed without a way to defend myself other than inviting myself back into the discord. So, needless to say this was upsetting to me, i was a loyal member of the LKE, i truly was, i had no intentions of leaving until that point. Hell, i was a member of the LKE Estates Commons, of course i had loyalty. 

At this point i am discussions with my friends, some of them unfortunately being the perpetrators. I had plans before this incident of one day leaving the LKE and starting my own Roman-based/inspired region on NationStates. I felt that now was, for better or worse, the right time to do it. So, after going to the Placeholder region mentioned, i made the New Roman Imperium, a name i had chosen long ago for it.

[b][u][i]I am the creator of this region, not Adrian or anyone else, i hold the authority in it, not anyone else.[/i][/u][/b] That cannot be stated more clearly nor can it be more important that it is stated in the first place. It is also [b][u][i]NOT[/i][/u][/b] a continuation of the political party that was present in the LKE, rather, this is my own region which i have allowed some members from that party to be apart of. Therefore, i'd like to say that any action against the NRI is an action punishing me for something i had no part in doing, and does not affect those people mentioned, rather it affects someone who's only crime is leaving the LKE with those members. 

However, in response i have already taken the following actions, I have removed all three from public office, and i shall take the world assembly delegate position by the next WA update. They will have no authority on the RMB and i am working offsite to take the appropriate actions as well. They are regretful of their actions, but actions speak louder than words and i have taken such action to give some rectification for the incident and it's victims.

I ask you all not to punish the entire basket for a few bad eggs, not to punish my region which i am passionate about for the actions of a few members. If you wish not to join my region for that i understand, truly i do, but please, let us move past this, let us not punish those who were sleeping through the incident and pin it on the region.

With regards,

Nri dispatch office