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[OOC] The UYDF and you - a primer for F7 (V2.0, now with fancier livery!)

So. Military factbooks.

I have quite a few of them.

They're pretty diverse in contents, and are often organized in a... questionable manner.

If you're just some F7er looking for information on my military, this might be a bit of an issue.

So I made another one, to act as a sort of guide. This one, to be precise.

Some of you might remember my earlier attempt at this sort of thing - try not to.

It was bland, badly formatted, and outdated within about a week of me writing it up.

This is take two. The concept is simple - just try to find a band that describes your nation best, and have a look at the links provided.

Do note that this is only meant to provide some rough guidelines - it's no bible.

Engagement Level:

For you if:

  • You're pre-PMT

  • The Bureaucracy isn't really taking you seriously

  • You operate off entirely baseline physics

  • You have total troop counts in the hundred-thousands or less

  • You don't really have a navy worth mentioning

Recommended Reading:

Engagement Level:
OwO, what's this?

For you if:

  • You're PMT-Early FT

  • The Bureaucracy seems to be taking you seriously

  • You integrate "magic" or some brand of bootleg SCP shenanigans into your forces

  • You have total troop counts ranging between the millions and hundreds of millions

  • You have a functional, bluewater navy

Recommended Reading:

Engagement Level:
Okay, now you've got my attention

For you if:

  • You're FT (however wide of a tech bracket this may seem)

  • You're invading from space or through portals of some kind

  • You're modosophonts (if you're not familiar with the term, it probably applies to you)

  • You rely heavily on a spaceborne navy

Recommended Reading:

Engagement Level:
Ah [excrement], here we go again

For you if:

  • You're far enough into FT to start considering FFT a usable term

  • You're not modosophonts

  • You go onto NS power indices to try and speedrun a really good score

  • People are very mean to you and call you things like "powerwanker"

Recommended Reading:

Engagement Level:
Eighteen Nude Bovine Wranglers

For you if:

  • You seriously consider use of terms like "FFT+" and "Fx10nT"

  • You field weapons that fire any of the following:

    • Stars

    • Planets

    • Black holes

    • White holes

    • Any sort of stellar body, really

    • Dark matter

    • Dark energy

    • "Super pwoerflu lazers taht can destory whole galecksy"

  • You are, or have, literal gods

    • And I don't mean "god in relation to some MT schmuck" or "can do some magic and is therefore deified"

      • I'm talking honest-to-god bootleg demiurge reality-fondling incomprehensible-i've-met-with-a-terrible-fate fodder

  • You use scientific notation for your troop numbers

Recommended Reading: