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History of The Emperors of Scherzinger

Emperor Erwin Agustus Sacschen Baron von Zenzefer I.
Reign: July 26th 2045 - April 7th, 2057 (12 years)
Spouse: Airam Schlesburg (married: 2032-2057)
Birth: December 4th, 1968 in Rostock, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Death: April 7th, 2057 (aged 88 years) in ShangXiang, Empire of Scherzinger
Children: Erwin Agustus Sacschen Baron von Zenzefer II (son) Lotte Erika Zenzefer (daughter)

Erwin Zenzefer I was the first Emperor of Scherzinger. Born in Germany on December 4th, in Rostock. Erwin Zenzefer I was a Field Marshal in the Military at the time of the Expedition to what would then become Scherzinger. With German and Japanese Colonists aboard the civilian ship Bertha, and a 10 battleship and 5 cruiser escort, Erwin led the expedition to the uncharted lands that would become the Empire of Scherzinger. Erwin, who's influence was as great as his rank, was then declared Emperor of the Future Empire of Scherzinger. As his first act as Emperor, he declared Scherzinger's capitol to be named ShangXiang, after a Chinese warrior from the 3 Kingdoms Era of China. While Erwin has no Chinese heritage, his liking of the Early Chinese History, as well as his fondness of Sun ShangXiang (records are unclear of Lady Sun's first name, while some speculate Shangxiang, most seem to agree that it was likely Sun Ren) led him to naming the Capitol city in her honour. It took a somewhat slow period of 10 years to make Scherzinger into the lands that it is today. This period of Scherzinger was coined as The Age of Sluggish Establishment. While Erwin was not necessarily directly responsible for this lengthy period of construction, his lack of knowledge city planning, as well as his advisors in the department's constant feuding contributed to the length of time establishing the capitol took. After which, he spent time studying historical construction, as well as taking time to familiarize himself with the role of leadership. The following 6 months were a period of rapid growth and expansion, including a point and time where the military population was larger than the civilian population. Using this military, Erwin I set out to expand and claim the lands that made Scherzinger the 6th largest nation on its continent. With much more experience and city planning/knowledge, it took a mere 3 extra months to convert the empty lands into grand and exquisite cities. The following 3 months were used to solidify the government and economy. By learning from his previous mishaps, Erwin I managed to do more in one year than his previous 10 in power. This has been recorded in Scherzinger's history as "The Year of Scherzinger's Beginning". However, all good things eventually come to an end, as on April 7th, 2057 at 11:32 p.m, at the age of 88, Erwin I died in his sleep. His reported last words before lying down for the final time are said to have been "Our Empire is grand but small, and when i wake, i will see my vision carried out". Upon the official news of his death, his son, the 32 year old Erwin Zenzefer II, was declared the un-official leader on April 8th, and crowned Emperor of Scherzinger that afternoon.

Erwin Agustus Sacschen Baron von Zenzefer II
Reign: April 8th, 2057 - April 22nd 2060
Spouse: Erika von Zenzefer
Birth: August 23rd, 2025 in Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.
Death: April 22nd 2060 (Aged 35 years) in ShangXiang, Empire of Scherzinger
Children: Erwin Agustus Sacschen Baron von Zenzefer III

Erwin Zenzefer II was the 2nd Emperor of Scherzinger. Born in Germany on August 23rd, 2025. Erwin Zenzefer II was born to an aristocratic family, which had made its name well known in Germany. His father was then Field Marshal Erwin Zenzefer I, who was to one day become the first Emperor of the country that he himself would also rule. Little is known about Erwin II's early life. What is known is that he is a Graduate of college and enlisted in the German Navy. As a child he was said to have a short temper, violent behaviours, and seldom spoke to others in his classes and life. However, he was a brilliant student and studied hard, his homework was never late and almost never wrong. Erwin could hold his own in debates and often found himself leading in political debates in college. With his style of reasoning, facts and volume, there was little doubt that Erwin II would join the political field one day, perhaps even becoming a high standing political figure. Opposed strongly to any forms of democracy, and considered himself an enemy of those who practiced it, Erwin II was himself a fond believer in absolute dictatorship, to the point of borderline fascism. After college, and at his fathers advice, Erwin joined the military. Joining up in the German Marines, Erwin II was involved in many battles throughout his life, including murdering the entire french leadership brutally with the sword that now hangs in the private office of the Reichstag II. Erwin II has been widely regarded as the most ruthless and brutal ruler of Scherzinger to date. Erwin II was responsible for the nation's isolationism, as well as its hatred of outsiders, which have had a substantial impact on the views of Scherzinger from other nations. Additionally, Erwin II signed policies that restricted, and at times outlawed, the civil rights of his people. This has been coined by historians as the Age of Eternal Oppression. Erwin II is the only Emperor to have the people revolt against him. While the rebellion was quelled, 45,000 Scherzingerians lost their lives, and Erwin II's standing with the people was non-existent. A blessing for the people came on April 14th, 2060, when Erwin came down ill with pneumonia. For the next 8 days, Erwin's body slowly began to lose the battle, until 8:22pm on April 22nd, when Erwin II was announced dead from complications of pneumonia. Erwin was too ill to deliver final words, and had no final will written out.

Erwin Agustus Sacschen Baron von Zenzefer III
Reign: April 22nd 2060 - Present
Spouse: Momo Kawashima
Birth: March 17th, 2045 (Age 20) in ShangXiang, Empire of Scherzinger
Children: Haruna von Zenzefer-Kawashima (adopted) Maisie von Zenzefer (Adopted)

Erwin Zenzefer III is the 3rd and current Emperor of Scherzinger. Erwin III is the only Emperor of Scherzinger to be born in his native country, Born in ShangXiang on March 17th of 2045. To add on to his accolades, Erwin III is the only Emperor to have a non-German wife, and the first Emperor who's wife is Japanese. Erwin III was born to the same elite and aristocratic von Zenzefers. The German born family line has enjoyed much success, from the fields of battle to the cushioned chairs of the Imperial Throne. Erwin III assumed power at a rather un-easy time in Scherzinger. After all, no more than a couple of months ago, a revolt had been attempted. Erwin III immediately understood that the restriction of it's people's civil rights was not doing the nation any good. since his ascension to the throne, Erwin has taken many issues into account and has slowly but surely increased the amount of things the his citizens are permitted to do. This has drastically decreased tensions and increased the happiness of the Empire's people. Additionally, Erwin III, who is a big time military man, increased the strength of the military, including having parades. This was mostly to increase national spirit, as well as inform the people of its militaristic strength. Additionally, Erwin III appointed Liliana von Goetze to Head of Military Technological Affairs, where she proudly oversaw the construction, and commissioning, of High Charity II, the Large Planetoid city, which is considered the most powerful starship in the known world. Erwin III and Momo adopted two lovely women, Maisie von Zenzefer, and later, Haruna, who was given the title of 'Von Zenzefer-Kawashima' by Erwin and Momo themselves. Thanks to Erwin III, Scherzinger is more open to other nations, and welcomes most ambassadors with open arms. Erwin III follows Imperial Law rigorously, and actively adds to it when deemed necessary.