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UoJ Appliaction

Name of NS Nation: Hiram Land
Roleplay Nation Name: Tenth Republic of Hiram Land

Location Description &/or Map Link: (western half)

Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy (member of a Commonwealth with a King, King has monarchy in HL but has very little power)
Head of State: President Alexander Monte
Head of Government: Prime Minister Michael Mackensye

Population (Can Change): 87,431,000
Capital: Greenfield
Largest City: Ramvarkistan
Official Language(s): English, Hiramian, Dutch

Current Economic System (Can Change): Capitalist

Current SA: 330 SA

History (Optional, but Smiled Upon): In 1625, the people who lived in Meowfwkian Hiramian Land had declared independence from Meowfwkia. The man who led them was Sir Kim Hiram. Kim led the country to expansion, connecting itself with the growing Hiramian Empire, and agriculture. Hiram Land then grew even more, with a medium sized armed force, with a Hiramian king helping lead along with a President. By the 1800s, Hiram Land had land of half of a island, and started building railroads by 1850, advancing in technology during the Industrial Revolution. They had joined the Allied powers in 1916 during World War I, wanting to take German posessions in the East Pacific. The war ended with two small islands being given to Hiram Land. Unfortunately those two islands were given to Japan in 1937, and Japan invaded in 1941 after their attack on Pearl Harbour in Hawaii. Japan occupied the island until 1945, when Japan surrendered. HL experienced a economic boom in the 50s and 60s, and participating in the Cold War on the side of the United States. HL experienced some economic problems in the 2000s, and recovered by the 2010s and 2020s.

Have You Read the RP Rules (Y/N): Y

Have You Read the War RP Rules (Y/N): Y

The Republic of Hiram Land