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It's a me, R.

Name: Rykil
Also Known As: Ryk
Title, Pronouns: Him
Occupation: Link055
Nationality: Human

Ethnicity: Uploaded Consciousness
Gender: Male
Blood Type: Y-909

Ideology: Centre-Right Authoritarian Democracy
Party: never ends
Political Wing: Centre-Right


Likes: SFIA, Video Games, Science Fiction, The SCP Foundation, Introversion, FT RP.
Dislikes: Flat Earthers and Anti-Vaxxers from the bottom of my heart, the American Education System, that one spider corpse.
Hobbies: SF Writing, RP, Video Games, Worldbuilding in general, Reddit lurking.

Just your average NS FTRPer who can remember the sulfur cycle but for the life of them cannot remember to walk to a specific room the next day.

Ideology & Politics

Pro: Centrism, Military Intervention, AI Rights, Consciousness Transfer, Separation of Church and State, Memes, the US transforming Mexico into a First-World nation and ally, South Korea, Taiwan, The Right Wing, Guns, Abortion under specific circumstances (go ahead and label me as Pro-Life).
Neutral: Trump, The Catholic Church, The Left Wing. (One day, I will add more to this, and to the above and below as well.)
Anti: The EU, Extreme Ideologies, Pseudoscience, China, North Korea, the Putinocracy, Xenophobia, Military Intervention for personal gain rather than worldwide benefit, Love Triangles, Dyson Shells.

Explanations: I see vices and virtues in both wing's beliefs, actions, and effects on society. That's the same view I have with Communism and Fascism, Democracy and Dictatorships, etc. So I try to take the best of both worlds and mash them together into my Centre-Right beliefs. It's also why I advocate for a Constitutional Dictatorship/Authoritarian Democracy.

I Support: The US (It has issues, but It is certainly among the best nations on the planet), upping Mexico's position on the world stage (come one, It has great potential), Self-Dependence (screw off, China), a nation based not off the personal beliefs of It's leader but rather hard data and factual information.

Trivia & Facts

Current Favourite Song: Too many to list
Favourite Foods: No preference.
Favourite Beverages: No preference.
Favourite Bands: Gloryhammer, Aviators, Miracle of Sound, Sabaton, Classical, various VG and Movie soundtracks
Favourite Book Series: No preference
Favourite Video Games: Terraria, Stellaris, Soulsborne, TES: V Skyrim, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, Minecraft, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.
Favourite VG Genres: Sandbox, RPG, Strategy, Multiplayer, RTS, Indie.

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