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Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs-India: Report on Recent Trolling and Closure of Embassies with UEI

Report on Recent DOS Trolling in the Region and Suspension of Relations with United Empire of Islam

The Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs, Government of India informs the NationStates public about the recent troll/spam attacks on our RMB via this Official Report.

Since 10th of August 2019, a serial trolling trolling/spamming is being tracked and combated on our RMB. Multiple Moderator reports have informed the Government that the activities are carried out by 'Hamramstan', a NS user and ex-Indian, tagged as DOS (Delete on Sight) in May 2019. The nation was banned and ejected from India after it was found being indulged in malpractices. (Report 1, Report 2).

Though active admin members like Indusse, Zealandiana and Hindu Mahasabha combated with the trolling and took quick action, still some protective measures like appointment of Security Officer and locking of region was carried out, keeping in view the Independence Day Celeberations.

The Intelligence Beaurue of India is in talks with WA Delegate Hindu puri to permanently tackle the situation, which includes appointment of Special Squad and some other confidential steps.

The region has also decided to close down embassies and suspend relations with United Empire of Islam (UEI), keeping in view, how their regional members entertained the posts of Trolls, and the failure of their Government to take any action. Active trolls like Jihadi mulk are still in a safe shelter in UEI. Though the UEI Government has assured of any support against trolling and bilateral talks, the Government of India is not convinced, keeping in mind the lack of cooperation from UEI in past as well. Some members of UEI carry anti-India and anti-Hinduism sentiment which makes it difficult for diplomatic talks, as in the past, such talks failed from our side, due to the comments and behaviour of some UEI regional members. But the Government of India is still optimistic, as the Government of UEI has officially assured of bilateral diplomatic talks. WA Delegate Hindu puri and Prime Minister Awell Islands are personally handling the issue and looking to construct a set of rules and favourable environment to communicate with the Delegation of United Emoire of Islam.

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Issued By:
Ministry of Foreign and External Affairs,
Government of India