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by The Don't You Forget About Me of Eripolis. . 14 reads.

Culture pt. 2

Extension of the Culture Factbook.

1. Furries are often seen with suspicion.

2. The Paul brothers are seen as idiots.

3. Buzzfeed is rabidly hated in Eripolis.

4. The nation runs its own video service, OurTube, both to mock YouTube and to provide a censor-free version of YouTube. Unlike the latter, OurTube actively avoids using algorithms.

5. SJWs are nonexistent. When one of them starts whining online, others tend to try and defeat them with logic and rationality, rather than pander to them or try to overpower them with insults.

6. Gun laws are fairly relaxed. Citizens are allowed to own any weapon they deem to be adequate for their needs, as long as they pass a psychological evaluation every year. The MP5 is a fairly popular weapon, with the Stechkin APM (Автоматический Пистолет Модернизированы) being an equally popular sidearm.