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A Factbook Test





Other Agreements

International Relations


These are countries with whom <your nation> shares entrenched political, cultural, and diplomatic ties, are popular with citizens of <your nation>, and with whom <your nation> has or has had free trade agreements and defensive pacts.

    Nations Here


These are nations with whom <your nation> shares a great deal of similarities with and are popular at home, but does not have the same level of involvement with as nations it considers to be allies. <your nation> likely shares free trade agreements with these countries.

    Nations Here


These are countries whose intentions <your nation> does not like or dislike, or have been deemed inscrutable. <your nation> may or may not maintain relations with these countries, but even if it does, it does not consider the relationship strong enough to consider the other nation a

    Nations Here

    *Important* NPC Nations Here

International Organizations

This section includes <your nation>'s opinions on the various international organizations that exist. Since it cannot be at war with an international organization, those organizations it feels diametrically opposed to are listed as

    MEMBER - United Nations: General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council
    MEMBER - International Olympic Committee


These are countries <your nation> believes to have motives that are not in line with its own long-term policy. They are likely unpopular at home, and though some may lie closer to neutral, there is likely some conflicting ideology or policy difference. Unlike nations that <your nation> is
Hostile towards or At War with, <your nation> is willing to maintain cordial diplomatic relations with these countries.

    Nations Here

    *Important* NPC Nations


These are nations deeply unpopular at home and believed to be completely opposed to <your nation>'s long-term policy and ideological stance. If <your nation> maintains relations with these nations, they are almost constantly strained.
    Nations Here

At War

These are nations <your nation> is actively at war with.

    <your nation> is not currently at war.

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