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Ankraid Explained

Ankraid is a minor continent in Tierra's north.

Trade Cities shown, but not labelled.

All warlords in the broadest sense, with dictatorial control and family dynasties. Constant wars over petty things such as cattle grazing rights and where a river ends. Hub of arms trafficking and weapons manufacturing. No central government to speak of, but individual warlords have powerful armies. Managed to escape colonialism due to its extreme cold and excellent military strategy.

Rather than adopt foreign technology and culture like Alaback, decided to stick it to the imperial powers. Soon defeated in an eight-nation coalition, who jointly controlled the region. Governor kept the old language, but reformed and westernized it. In 1884 the state was given to Nedporen, who fought tooth and nail to keep it under their control. Was granted independence in 1974 after a colonial war. Now a minor power with a sub-par military and horrible corrupt problems.

Historically the land of incredibly militaristic societies. Failure to adopt modern technology led to their downfall at the hands of the eight-nation coalition. Given to South Nebraska as their first colony. There was a dispute over whether the ancient city of Fleegandor was more ethnically close to Alaback or to the western coastline. This lead to Alaback cooperated with the Allies and invading the colony in World War 2, taking just Fleegandor. Nowadays isn't a big player in Ankraid's policies; keeps to their own. Tried countless times to recapture Fleegandor, but each time had failed because their organized militias can't win against a modern military.

Colonized by Calcaterra in 1884. Calcaterrican technology made the already fertile Wuackian valley explode with crops, but at the price of locals working 12 hours a day in the fields. Alaback had a dispute with Calcaterra over the Valu River; led to Alaback cooperating with the Axis in World War 2 and seized the banks of the river while Calcaterra was preoccupied. Granted independence in 1946, soon became a hotbed for anti-imperialists and Toraists. A particularly radical section launched missiles into Alaback, which Alaback responded by seized more land in Wuackia. During World War 3 radical groups attempted to invade Rokedsia from Wuackia, however they were defeated. Today suffers from hyper-inflation and an unstable political system. Military and education systems suffer as a result. Makes claims to all of Rokedsia.

Holds numerous of Ankraid's outlining islands. Split between two groups. Both groups are devoted to their craft, and operate in unison; the mining guilds sell their goods to the air families, and the air families sell the goods abroad. Today there's no government in a traditional sense, as the air families and mining guilds take on the responsible that any traditional government would.

The air families are masters of flying aircraft. Legend says that before man mastered the sky with engines, they mastered the sky with gliders. Since the invention of engines, these people have taken to the air in planes, making money abroad as mercenaries used in wars, transports, and everything in between. Currently their tactics are considered outdated, however their skill is nearly unmatched in the air. Great example of Ankraid's family oriented society.

The mining guilds are made up of various guilds. They mine primarily diamonds, rubies, gold, and iron. Their mining operations have broke record after record, and they're easily able to compete with their foreign competitors, this group are born and die underground.

Historically the islands were colonized by Anthacia, however unlike Rokedsia Anthacia granted them home rule in 1916, and independence 1922, as the culture of the islands was too incompatible with Anthacian values of individualism, and the tactics of subjection would not work on the rocky islands.

Formerly a trading powerhouse in terms of overseas shipping, recently their trading empire has been destroyed by the trade cities. Now mainly fishermen and privateers. Ankraid's waters are home to many exotic fish, which they export for huge sums of cash. Others have sparked a trade war with the trade cities. Pirates frequent Resnland's taverns and pubs, waiting for another war to break out so they can sell their naval services to foreign powers. Historically was colonized by Nedporen, who brought over many of its naval traditions. Resenland was granted independence in the 1950s. Used to have a formal government with international recognition, but a civil war erupted in the late 1980s, collapsing that government. While United Nations intervention stabilized the situation in the late 2010s, a formal government failed to form. Hasn't had a central government since then and currently the duties of any formal government have been taken over by the cities, with the farms and villages inland being left to their own devices.

A self-governing Anthacian dominion. Sub-par colonial military. Prime example of Anthacia's tactics of colonial subjection. Population voted to remain part of Anthacia in 1963. Historically Charles Rokes's Southern Ankraid Company was the leading force in Anthacian colonialism in Ankraid. The company mined most of Rokedsia's diamonds; by 1910s the economy switched from just mining to a more diversified economy. Toraists from Wuackia attempted an invasion during World War 3, but this failed. Currently suffers from a racial divide between ethnic Wuackians and Rokedsians. Is currently claimed by Wuackia.

The cradle of civilization in Ankraid. Has the largest economy and population in Ankraid. Historically was the land of most of Ankraid's most advanced civilizations. Due to incessant wars, females became the majority of the population, leading to several regions having female-dominated societies. Was able to avoid colonization by adapting foreign technology and culture, specifically from Germania. Historically neutral, was once one of the most powerful economies on Tierra but mismanagement in the 1950s lead to a decrease in economic power, leading to an increase in corruption. In recent decades political parties have formed to reverse this decline in economic power and combat corruption.

Formed in the chaos of decolonization. Dominate trade in Ankraid's unrecognized areas. Lead by a coalition of trade tycoon CEO's and investors. Organized crime is also notable in the trade cities. Historically the cities were the most dominate port cities in Ankraid, and during the chaos of decolonization trade tycoons created "Free Ports" so they could continue operations in peace and stability. Through clever political maneuvering, the free ports became independent from their home nations. Waged a trade war with Resenland that lead to the trade city's current economic dominance.

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