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The Birth of the Socialist Territories

November, 2039

Capitalism has been failing for some time now, and fascism taken root in many of the wealthiest nations, corrupt plutocracies taking the rest.  The workers of north eastern USA accidentally begin the revolution when riots break out in front of Chicago’s legislative buildings, where they were signing off the last of a set of bills removing restrictions on commercial development in the last pine forests in the region.  Nationwide those who called for rapid rightening of the climate, social justice, workers rights, universal health and education were in the streets.  After an attempted crackdown on riots by the local authorities failed after being overwhelmed, the workers, drunk with success, called for national liberation.  Their strongest foothold was in the old rustbelt, where abandoned factories where later rejuvenated to produce low quality arms for more and more recruits.  

Guerrilla warfare in urban areas proved vital in early victories, as the USA’s soldiers were poorly equipped to handle this kind of fighting.  After the first couple of days of fighting though more and more cities were being recaptured, so Comrade Ian, party leader of the Marxist Revolutionary Vanguard at the time, stepped up to reorganize and unite many of the leftist factions and reorganize military forces and theory. Knowing the USA’s dependency on advanced technology and extremely basic deep operations military theory a system of partisans, militias, and red guards was set up to harass enemy supply lines, keep a fluid frontline, and resist concentrated attacks in that order.  After a prolonged resistance was secured and the USA’s supply lines being cut, siphoned from, and confused the inferior arms of the Socialist Territories were able to gradually control more and more territory.  The revolution, however, could not reach workers in separated USA territories such as Alaska, Pacific and Atlantic islands, and a good portion of America’s deserts which were protected by Mexico who in turn was guaranteed by NATO.  As NATO could not intervene in a civil war in a member country and UN resolutions to commit peacekeeping forces to the conflict were blocked by both China and Russia, the newly formed Federation of Socialist Territories was able to grow a self sustaining economy and flourish.