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by The PIZZA IS ABSOLUTE LOVE of Pilipinas and Malaya. . 116 reads.

My longest and weirdest post

Kalifer and Baska wrote:the world is getting gayer

Truer words have never been spoken.

Bathera wrote:Though I would lay off the nugget obsession a bit

No. Just continue obnoxiously eating nuggets in a corner. Thatís nice.

Galway-Dublin wrote:Batman doesn't need powers and he's done alright for himself

Heís just Batman. Heís ok exactly because heís Batman.

Rivierenland wrote:Tnx. More houses! More men! Vote Laver as official European translator!

I apply for the Asian division of EuroTranslate. Uhhhhhh, whereís the sign-up booth.

Slavakino wrote:Apple Juice > Orange Juice dont @ me

I canít help it. Orange juice, supreme juice!

Laver Island wrote:Y'all can't handle sour and it really shows

Me eating sour cola gummies: .........

The Oriental Empire wrote:ramen
ra men
raw men

I want ribeye ramen, please?

*sluping noises get louder*

The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth wrote:Sorry, you took too long
Winning by default is best winning

Yuuuup. Nothing beats the feeling after someone says you donít have to do anything and you win. Nice.

Rivierenland wrote:[visible confusion at your visible confusion at my visible confusion]

[visible confusion at your visible confusion at Scarlettís visible confusion at your visible confusion]

Confusion-ception *spongebob rainbow gif*

Sverigesriket wrote:No, I mean there has to be something hiding behind that smile...

Also, maybe it doesn't have to be a republic - a dictatorial or semi-dictatorial military junta could possibly happen.


Paperbags wrote:Learn to live with the constant, underlying craving for peanut butter, as thoughts of it slip into everything you do.

also it makes the next bite so much sweeter uwu

Peanut butter is way too smooth and crunchy at the same time that itís probably illegal.

And yes, the peanut butter is always so great after the first bite (or lick) uwu.

Miharr wrote:[spoiler=morning, folks...]Same with her
Thereís a difference between furries and zoophiles
>:( says you
I feel I wish girls would actually find me attractive :(
>when youíre in a friend group of gay friends and they have crushes on each other and not you
Laver I literally called you a god in that post XD

Agreed. I donít like orange juice
XD it could be both
Crunchy peanut butter = best peanut butter

The last three posts, I agree with. The rest,.................. I prefer not to discuss that.

Paperbags wrote:okay bye guys! have to be productive now :/

The wonders procrastination can do...

Miharr wrote:Add lots of milk and sugar.

Yes and yes. But tea is still great at almost anytime tbh. Tea can just be so calmingly overwhelming, so I can sympathize with Riv.

Sverigesriket wrote:Your brain wack

Brain Qwack

Rivierenland wrote:*drinks coffee once*
system: now it's time to get funky

Also system: Prepare for hyperboost in T-minus 10.

Miharr wrote:Smh uncultured
What does Scarlett have to say about that?

Biggest disagreement of this page of the RMB. Laver v Bathera

The Oriental Empire wrote:peeled limes

m i n c e d c u c u m b e r

St Scarlett wrote:I donít like tea unless itís ice tea

Generally nice in the summer or when youíre in a nice little cafe on the sidewalk.

St Scarlett wrote:Ya but to be fair we stole tea from China and India anyway

More China than India, and also Tea Leaf Bricks.

Confederate States of Murica wrote:Father I crave oats

You must understand my current situation, you must venture far and wide in to the cupboards and look deep into every cereal box for thou shalt suffer without the nectar of life that I so require.

Naifon wrote:Saint among men!

ALL HAIL!For our sacred Naifon has posted!
(Pls tell if heís done before then Iím an embarassment to hoomanitea)

St Scarlett wrote:Anyone wanna make like Macron and do a state visit to see the presidential baby?

Heck, Iíd do a state visit to Japan just to see a ramen museum and slurp some of that ramen.

Greate San Marino wrote:Ho is he

President of France and secret pastry.

Bathera wrote:Yes spike the English

Can I offer spike traps for that?

The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth wrote:Are fire extinguishers full of anti-fire juice 🤔

Itís got bubble water! Well, yeah call the bubble water anti-fire juice then.

Vijayanta wrote:Vijayanta is back! After being gone for +/- 60 days -and therefor losing my Nationstate- I have re-enterd Europe. Good to see a lot of you are still here!

Welcome back!

Bathera wrote:Foam

Bubble water juice.

Laver Island wrote:Is PoLiet deadass in a "yes no" argument/spam?

I expected better smh

I eat such Spa- wait.... wrong spam.

Germany222 wrote:Nein, Dšnemark ich germanisch

No, Denmark I german.

Krestonien wrote:You mean Austrian?

*HRE flashbacks*

The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth wrote:Victoria's Omani Cocaine?

I didnít know Queen Vic had a knack for that. The more you know, I guess.

Bathera wrote:Violent Occupation of Canada

Violin Orchestral Compilation.

This is preserved for reminding me of my not-so-regular achievements.

Kalifer and Baska
Laver Island
The Oriental Empire
The Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth
St Scarlett
Confederate States of Murica
Greate San Marino

Thanks for all the help with the post by providing me with the posts to respond to.