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National Factbook of The Allied States of Hiowatha

The Allied States of Hiowatha (Ha Aliju Stata da Hiowatha)

Tribal Union

Motto: “Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity”


Population: 113,534,400

Capital: Grand River (Gaawa Bogogo)
Largest City: Grand River

Official Language: Hiowathan

National Language: Hiowathan

Demonym: Hiowathan

Government: Federal Chairman Constitutional Republic
- President: Iaokone Tasegoro
- Vice President: Poshatello Pacha
- Speaker of the House: Gyuron Walp
- Chief Justice: Atto Inco

Legislature: Bogogaia (Senate. Lit meaning: Big Rock)
- Senate

Establishment: 1619 (As Hiowathan Confederacy)

Currency: Tayen

Time Zone: EST

Drives on the: Right

Calling code: +21

Internet TLD: .hw

The Allied States of Hiowatha (or Hiowatha) is a country comprising 22 states. With an estimated population of 113,000,000 people, the A.S.H. is a medium sized country. Founded as the Hiowathan Confederacy by the Hio, Watha, Toma, Spiasho and Tere tribes during the Colonial Age, the confederacy spent years battling invading colonists in much of Eastern America during the Colonial Wars. The Confederacy would emerge as a dominant power in the Americas after the wars and the only one ran by native peoples. Currently, the nation is a Liberal Democratic Socialist Democracy ran by Chairman Iaokone Tasegoro. Despite a subpar economy, the Hiowathan people maintain a progressive nation known for its technology and spirituality.

During the Colonial War of the Americas, the indigenous people of the Northern Americas decided to fight back against the invading forces seeking to colonize their land. Seeking strength in numbers, the tribal chiefs met and formed the Hiowathan Confederacy (so named due to the larger amount of Hio and Watha tribesmen). The confederacy used their knowledge of the land to fight many battles with the colonists usually taking what they could and reverse engineering it. More Tribes (such as the Bogo, Rio, Waana, Hulew, and Juuzu) would join the Confederacy in an attempt to defend their lands or retake them. After decades of fighting, the colonial wars would come to an end and the now mixed Hiowathan people would decide to stay together as a confederation of people, not tribes. This union would last until the 1770s where began the Hiowathan Civil War due to the now falling apart Confederation. The confederation would be split into the Eastern Hiowathan States and the Hiowathan Confederation. The fighting lasted for 6 years, but eventually the people tired of it. Both sides realized things needed to change to prevent another war. The two reunited as the Democratic States of Hiowatha. Peace reigned for more decades as other countries rose and fell through the Americas. Some would receive Hiowathan assistance, others instead made enemies of Hiowatha. During the 10s, The D.S.H. would be renamed the Allied States of Hiowatha and during the Cold War, the country adopted a Liberal Democratic Socialist ideology, inspiring many countries to follow its example.

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