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Catlin (Cat-lin) for house

Here are my polices I support.
1.Anti Cyber bullying law.
RMB Protection Act: S.B. XXX
A Bipartisan Plan To Help The Region
Written by Catlin & Titanne

Noting the previous toxicity of the RMB and the claims of cyber bullying brought forth by a couple of citizens, this bill aims to streamline and clarify the process with which these incidents should be dealt with.

Within the Home Affairs Ministry, there shall be created two new positions, which shall be those of moderator. Each of the nations appointed to these positions should have authority over Communications, so that they may moderate the RMB without needing to rely on others. The duties of the moderators should be to shut down arguments once they reach the point where it is corrupting the RMB or the region.

If a citizen feels that they have been cyber bullied, and wish to file a complaint, they should write a factbook compiling any grievances or issues they had, and gather two signatories, to validate their claims. They must then find a government member willing to submit their case to the Home Affairs Ministry. If a government official chooses to do so, then the Home Affairs Ministry will decide what course of action to take. Warranted results may be any of the following: a court case on the citizens behalf, immediate banjection, an official warning, or to ignore the case altogether.

This Act hereby adds the following action as a crime: cyberbullying, defined as “repeatedly harassing someone or talking to them in a threatening manner.”

This law should be enacted the next Friday after it’s passage, to allow the Home Afdairs Ministry to select moderators.

Read factbook

2.Have Justices decide banishment

3. Anti-corruption Law

This is a proposal from Catlin(Cat-lin) for senate

This act is to prevent corruption and identify wrong doing

1.We will allow the Electoral Commissioner to prosecute corruption cases
1A. Corruption Cases will be decided by the High Court

2. Identify corruption
give a legal definition of corruption
the legal definition is "Gaining power through shady or illegal* means.
* illegal means include bribery,misuse of funds,lying to gain power etc.

3. Allow the high court to prosecute and decide corruption cases

Read factbook

4.Minister of Communications
that will oversee the RMB and administrate the Discord

5. Unicamerism + Direct Democracy

6. Thaecian Military

7. Elected cabinet
Have Cabinet positions elected in general election years.

8.Term limits for Judges

Why you should elect me
1.I'm independent I don't speak for my self I speak for a party
2.Learned from my failures. I've learned from my disastrous Presidential Campaign.
3.I listen,learn and respond to all of Thaecia's concerns about my polices