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My WA Legislation and Authorship

My WA Legislation and Authorship
An overview of all of the WA legislations I was involved in, from passed legislation to legislation lacking support

General Assembly:

None at this time

Security Council:

Commend United Massachusetts

Security Council;

Recognizing the esteemed members enshrined by this noble institution for their leadership, character, dedication, and much more;

Believing that one such nation that embodies these exceptional characteristics is United Massachusetts;

Acknowledging the controversies that may surround United Massachusetts for their unconventional political ideologies that embody both characteristics of the left and right;

Noting United Massachusetts’ ability to work with both sides of the political spectrum throughout NationStates; all while being a staunch adherent to the personal liberties that many of the left consider rights and holding on to religious liberties that the right can appreciate. This culmination of beliefs makes United Massachusetts a unifying force all can stand behind and appreciate;

Also Noting their authorship in both the General Assembly and Security council that embody these characteristics mentioned, with proposals such as:

GA Resolution #417, "Restrictions On Hydraulic Fracturing", Restricting the practice, which caused harm to water sources

GA Resolution #419 “Voting Equality for Freed Inmates”, giving past prisoners the voting equality they deserve

GA Resolution #430 “Freedom of Religion”, expressing the well-deserved freedom

GA Resolution #436 “Protecting Free Expression”, advancing the right to express

GA Resolution #437 “Ban on Conversion Therapy”, giving the LGBTQ+ community more rights

Further Noting other resolutions United Massachusetts has co-authored in, with proposals such as:

GA Resolution #467 "Affordable Transgender Hormone Therapy", giving transgenders easier access to hormone therapy

SC Resolution #219 “Commend Forest”, recognizing their efforts to the environment

Lauding their leadership of Right to Life as President and WA Delegate, reaching out to the political left, despite the rightist nature of the Right to Life, The East Pacific as part of the WA Ministry (serving as WA minister), and Deputy Culture Minister for The Rejected Realms and the continued impact they have on all of these regions;

Considering the impact, leadership, character, and devotion that United Massachusetts has shown throughout their existence thus far;

Hereby Commends United Massachusetts

Co-Authored by The Rouge Christmas State

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Main Author: New Jakobly

Co-Author(s): The Rouge Christmas State

Original Draft Posted: August 12, 2019

Sumbitted to WA: TBD

Put Up To Vote: TBD

Result: TBD

Current Status: Drafting; expect more updates to the proposal soon

Condemn Antifa

The Security Council;

Recognizing the extreme wrongdoing a region or nation must commit to receive condemnation;

Seeing that one region has such qualities of wrongdoing, Antifa;

Noting that Antifa is not a region on it's own, but an alliance of regions, including The Leftist Assembly and The Communist Bloc, and the Pacific;

Proof of their intentions to destroy fascism is implanted everywhere and is well known, "Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. (The Free Commonwealth, as of August 15, 2019)"

Understanding that this is not the worst part of Antifa, as the worst part is unjust raids against non fascist regions

Appaled at Antifa for raiding, and provoking regions that are not fascist just for their affiliation or the belief in freedom of speech, including:

a. The Free Commonwealth which was not fascist at all.

Highlighting that these regions did nothing wrong to deserve a raid, other than disagree with principles of ANTIFA

Noticing that Antifa attacks ALL rightist regions as to fit the leftist and communist agenda of Antifa

Hereby condemns Antifa, a threat to peace in NationStates

Co-written by New Jakobly

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Main author: Israeli Empiratic Commonwealth

Co-author(s): New Jakobly

Original Draft Posted: August 15, 2019

Submitted to WA:TBD

Put Up To Vote: TBD

Result: TBD

Current Status: Drafting; expect more updates soon