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La República de Agrariah | Visión General

La República de Agrariah

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An expansive republic situated in South America, from the Pacific Ocean and Andes Mountains to the Caribbean Sea, and the Llanos in between. La República de Agrariah is a growing regional power. Founded in 1810 having declared independence from Spain, Agrariah boasts a strong heritage towards individual liberty. Being the world's most densely biodiverse nation, Agrariah boasts stunning scenery and plenty of opportunity for a well diversified economy. Agrariah is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse country per capita, with its rich cultural heritage reflecting influences by various Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, forced African labor, and immigration from Europe and the greater Middle East. Urban centers are concentrated in the Andean highlands and the Caribbean coast. Agrariah is considered a Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic, led by El Presidente Justin Navarro, who governs some 40,991,302 Agrarians. Agrarians enjoy extensive economic and civil freedoms, while political freedom tends to be more regulated.

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