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Administrative Departments of Lerasi
    Financial Office (Taxes, Labor, Industry, Trade, Economics, SOEs, etc.)

    Ministry of Diplomacy

    Military High Command

    Department of Public Welfare (Health, Education, Public Transport, etc.)

    Legislative Department (Laws, Social Security, Civil and Political Rights, Equality, etc.)

    Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Values

Energy Sources of Lerasi

    Hydrogen Fuel

    Solar Panel Farms

    Wind Turbines

    Hydroelectric Dams

    Ocean Power Buoys

    Nuclear Power Plants

    Geothermal Power Stations

    Desert Halophyte Farms

    Quinone Batteries

    Non-Newtonian BioFuel Imports

Transportation in Lerasi

Ten Biggest Cities of Lerasi

Lerasian Weddings

Lerasian Funerals


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