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List of Military Voting Citizens of TLA

The following is a list of all military voting citizens in The Leftist Assembly.

Grod Island
Uan aa Boa

What are military voting citizens?
Military voting citizens are nations residing in The Leftist Assembly that have their WA nation serving in a leftist or anti-fascist military, and thus, without their MV status, would be unable to vote on referendum polls. This process has been created to ensure that they are able to vote without having to sacrifice their duties in the military by moving their WA nation to TLA.

How do I apply?
If you wish to apply to be a military voting citizen, send a telegram to Minister of Information Argentigrad here with the request, name of your WA nation, and name of the military that you are serving in. You will be sent a pseudo-random string of alphanumeric characters that you have to send back from your WA nation in the military to the Minister to be verified. Shortly after you are verified as a military voting citizen, your name will appear on this list and you'll be able to cast your vote on referendum polls by stating your stance in the RMB.

You can read more about it in the Military Voting Citizens Act found here.

For any questions please contact Minister of Information Argentigrad.