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This region was once a great thriving region. Citizens strived for peace and cooperation. But now, citizens have been turning against each other with partisan lust for power. We are now in a dark age. A dark age that can be turned around but, we need people to take charge. I firmly believe that the legislative branch will take charge in bringing Thaecia back to its glory days and show the world that we truly are the greatest region in the world. I want to take part in making Thaecia great again. That is why I want be your representative in the House of Commons!

What do you need to know about me?
* I will be running as a member of the TPU.
* I will work with members of ALL PARTIES to get things done as unity will Make Thaecia Great Again.
* I strongly support a bicameral legislative branch.
* I believe that no member of the legislative branch should have a position in the executive branch and likewise for members of the executive branch.
* I will represent you every single day and vote on bills for the betterment of Thaecia!

What bills will I be writing?
* A resolution that prevents all members of the executive branch including cabinet members from taking part in the legislative branch.
* A resolution that removes inactive members of congress from their seat to keep the legislative branch moving effectively
* A constitutional amendment that increases the number of representatives in the Senate to 7, and the number of representatives in the House to 10.
* A constitutional amendment that implement a term limit on the President and PM.

I firmly believe that it is a legislators responsibility to write and vote on bills for the betterment of Thaecia and not for the betterment themselves or their political parties. Whenever a bill comes to the table, I will not ask the question "How will this affect me?" rather, I will ask the question "How will this affect Thaecia?" because I put Thaecia first. I firmly believe that a united Thaecia is a better Thaecia, but in order to achieve a better Thaecia, we need change! Vote Ilefeb for House and together we will Make Thaecia Great Again!

Endorsements (if you wish to endorse me, please telegram me)
The Court Of Garnica
Saint Alban Islands