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LCN | Council Nominations and Election Referenda

The Republic of the League of Conservative Nations
Office of the Consulate - Regional Nominations and Elections - August of 2019

Introduction & Media:

The LCN nominations and electoral referenda for the Council of the Republic are to take place from the start of August 8th through the 13th. As this is midway nominations and contesting cycle, there are also Delegates who may be continuing a two-month term regardless of the result of these events, however, all those nominated in this specific series of events are confined to a one month term. Both terms will be available during the following nominations cycle in September.


  • August 8th (00:00 EST) - Must be a citizen to nominate or be nominated. Nominations open.

  • August 13th (00:00 EST) - Nominations and contesting close. Must have reached nomination quorum to move forward. Election Confirmation poll commences. Must be a citizen to have an eligible vote.

Nominations and Contestings:

Nominations and contesting will take place from the start of August 8th until the end of the 12th in the Capitol of the LCN on the Discord Server. As mandated by the Constitution, to be voted on by the public, one must receive three nominations by fellow citizens of the League. Those reaching quorum will proceed to electoral confirmation. However, if in addition to three or more nominations, if one is also contested three or more times, they will be given an individual vote on the Discord Server, and those without three contentions will be voted on as a group.

Electoral Confirmation:

At the beginning of August 13th, the Office of the Consulate will create a Regional Poll open for voting for the main group of those who have reached quorum. In either the group or individual votes, as the Constitution mandates, a simple majority is necessary for those being voted on to take office. After the conclusion of the Election Confirmation, the Consulate will update Discord roles and other functions accordingly.

100% confirmation.