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Coe Industry Ltd.

Traded as, LinkHX: COI

Founded: 1994


Entity Type: Multi-modal Conglomerate

Industry: Investment & Industry

Major Products

Coe Tower, Longworth Ave., Bledllyn, The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar

CHAIRMAN : Mr. Allan H. Coe
CEO: Dr. Albert I. Jarvismoore
COO: Mr. Knox C. Fabremonte
CFO: Dr. Sebastian I. Coe
CIO: Ms. Patricia F. Sombreworth

Number of Employees: 4,122

Parent Company:

- Investor Div.
- Human Capital Div.
- M&A Div.
- International Div.

- Speedrail Technologies Pve. Ltd.
- Litex Heavy Industries Pve. Ltd
- International Industrial Park of Hundredstar Pve. Ltd.
- Palmkinder Eco Park Corporation
- ExpoMark International Pve. Ltd.
- Nucleodynamics Pve. Ltd.
- Coe Shipyard & Maritime Industry Pve Ltd


Coe Industry Ltd.

Coe Industry Ltd was a giant conglomerate based in The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar.

Ordering Form

[hr][/hr][b][u]Ordering Form[/u][/b]
[b]Contact Name[/b]:
[b]Customer, Business, or Government Agency Name[/b]:
[b]Manufacturer Name[/b]:
[]Duke Trucks
[]Kingdom Strata Automotive
[]COE Shipyards

All Ordering form must be posted to

ExpoMark International Pve. Ltd.
- DefenInternational Event Pve. Ltd. [92%]
- DrinkHerbs Consortium Pve. Ltd. [41%] - Amanda Cranegate, CEO

Litex Heavy Industries Pve. Ltd
- Litex Aerospace Industry Pve. Ltd. [100%]
- Bravecourt Engineering Pve. Ltd. [29%]
- Cassette Technology Pve. Ltd [26%]
- Coe Trucks Manufacturer Pve Ltd [70%]

Speedrail Technologies Pve. Ltd.
- HURA-Speedrail Pve. Ltd. [49%]
- Speedrail Facilities Pve. Ltd. [100%]

Nucleodynamics Pve. Ltd.[58%]

Nucleodynamics Pve. Ltd. is a ballistic missile production enterprise based in Lancerbrook, Eastern Valley. Its production includes the FallenAngel Mk IIE intercontinental ballistic missile, Hundredstar's most recent ICBM development, as well as the submarine-launched Paramount I and II SLBM. The company has two separate facilities: a final assembly plant located some 12 kilometers outside of Lancerbrook known as Site H-21 where missiles are assembled, and the main plant, located in downtown Lancerbrook, where missile components are produced.

- COE Estate Pve. Ltd[51%]
- Float [30%]
- Xavier Investment Corporation [10%]
- Government Employees Pension & Insurance Fund (GEPIF) Corp. [9%]


Corporate Governance
  1. Chairman: Mr. Allan H. Coe

  2. Non-Independent Director: Ms. Pamela T. Coe

  3. Non-Independent Director: Ms. Sabrina Fitzcharles, COO, Xavier Investment Corporation

  4. Non-Independent Director: Mr. Clyde Harper, CEO, Government Employees Pension & Insurance Fund (GEPIF) Corp.

  5. Non-Independent Executive Director: Mr. Knox C. Fabremonte, COO of Coe Ind. Ltd

  6. Independent Director: General (ret.) Tommy Clarkwell, Army, President & Group CEO, PM Inc.

  7. CEO, Managing Director: Dr. Albert I. Jarvismoore

Major Products
Coe Shipyard & Maritime Industry Pve Ltd

Bentwill-class bulker
Vessel type: Bulk Carrier
Gross tonnage: 20,600 tons
Summer DWT: 35,000 tons
Length: 200 m
Beam: 24 m
Draught: 6.4 m

Coe Trucks Manufacturer

The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar