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The Rejected Realms Card Giveaway

Hi! I'm Bormiar, your Outreach officer. I like a lot of things in NationStates, but one of my favorite things is cards, as you can see here. I understand that free things can be motivating, so we will now be giving out free legendary cards. Look down to read more.


When answering issues, you may have seen a little button that says "Open Pack". This will give you 5 cards, which have rarities and represent different nations. And occasionally, you'll get a card of the legendary rarity, the highest rarity.

Every Friday, we will randomly pick two nations to give a legendary card.

These two nations will be a World Assembly nations in the Rejected Realms having endorsed delegate Kyorgia or LinkRRA members.


Only two rules:
  1. If you are not a member of the RRA, you must have endorsed Kyorgia for over two days. This will ensure nations are not only endorsing Kyorgia on Fridays, when we give out legendaries.

  2. If you are in the RRA, you must have participated in at least one mission within the past two weeks.

How to Become Elligable for the Giveaway

There are two ways you can become eligible:

  1. Join the World Assembly by clicking here here and pressing "Apply to join", then endorsing Kyorgia by clicking here, and pressing the button that says "Endorse Kyorgia", as shown here:

  2. Simply make an account on Linkthe forums, apply Linkhere, and participate in a mission after joining. You must participate in a mission at least every two weeks.