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August Approval Poll

Please note that the votes of all nations who are no longer citizens of Thaecia have been struck null. Additionally, due to many seats being left in the House and Senate in between when this poll was created and when this poll was concluded, only those still active are listed.

President Xernon: 7.78
Prime Minister Andusre: 6.35
Foreign Affairs Minister Golden York: 6.57
Home Affairs Minister Duras: 6.44
Deputy Home Affairs Minister Lemonadia: 6.74
Culture Minister New Torask: 6.09
Deputy Culture Minister Titanne: 7.49
Justice Minister Broustan: 6.78
Roleplay Minister Islonia: 7.74
Electoral Commissioner Rayekka: 9.04
Deputy EC United States of Edingbridge: 6.87

Speaker Fishergate: 7.65
Shadow Speaker The Marconian State: 7.7
MP Oodua: 6.57
MP Brototh: 7.04
MP Malgudie: 6.39

Chairman Titanne: 7.52
Senator Cerdenia: 6.91
Senator Marvinton: 7.30

Associate Justice Rhyssua: 8.26
Associate Justice Islonia: 8.22