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A Place In The Sun - 8 August


Our slot machine has 3 wheels, each with red (🍉🍒🍓), yellow (🍋🍌🍍), green(🍈🍏🍐) & purple (🍇🍑🍆) symbols. Stake is 10 chips. 3 fruits the same colour wins 30 chips. All 3 fruits different colours wins 10 chips. The 1st wheel stops on 🍒. There's a 50% chance that pulling the lever stops the 2nd wheel exactly where you want it. The 3rd wheel will stop automatically. Where do you try to stop the 2nd wheel?



Two hands are dealt, Punto, and Banco. Which will score higher? Stake is ten chips. Winning bets on Punto pay ten chips. Winning bets on Banco pay nine. Winning bets on a tie pay ninety chips. For more detailed rules, see our Game Guide.

Punto is dealt 5♥ and 9♥, scoring 4. Punto is dealt a third card, 6♣, scoring 0.
Banco is dealt 3♠ and K♥, scoring 3. Banco is dealt a third card, 2♦, scoring 5.
Banco wins.

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Congratulations to our winners! Walking out 9 chips richer:

Atlia Sonis
Big Bad Badger
Default Flags
Greater Ottonna
Joushiki Nante Iranai
Kavotik Ceru
Nordic-British Union
Smiley Bob
The Chuck
The Empire of Balestria
The Grand Puffle Republic

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