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Establishment of the Member's Assembly For International Accountability

Establishment of The MAFIA

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The Signatory Nations,

Acknowledging the existence of Member-States acting in flagrant and deliberate violation of the International Law that they are bound to follow,

Alarmed that these Noncompliant States largely specifically refuse to comply with critical Human Rights legislation,

Concerned that these Member-States have formed a coalition, identified as The Core, to inhibit the effects of World Assembly enforcement law measures,


Establish a Member's Assembly for International Accountability, henceforth referred to as The MAFIA, to consist of loaned diplomatic and military forces from Signatory Nations,

Assign The MAFIA the following duties:

  1. To establish and enforce blockades, embargoes, and sanctions, against Noncompliant States,

  2. To utilize diplomatic and military pressures against non-member states attempting to support Noncompliant States, or violate the above enforcement measures,

  3. To inhibit and prevent Noncompliant States from organizing efforts among themselves to limit or refuse the effects of World Assembly enforcement measures such as the Administrative Compliance Act,

  4. To coordinate efforts between Signatory Nations to execute the above provisions,

Signatory Nations further pledge:

  1. To recognize the supremacy and legitimacy of World Assembly law, and pledge to enact and enforce World Assembly legislation as is their duty as Member-States,

  2. To, by action, reaffirm their commitment to the expansion and protection of human rights on an international level,

  3. To, in conjunction with their support of The MAFIA, comply with any and all sanctions and restrictions imposed by The MAFIA against Noncompliant States,

The Imperium of Tinfect