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What the heck is a Gurung film?

The term Gurung film refers to any movie made in Tamu Kyi, a Western Kirati language. Note that Gurung films are not the only films from the Athara Magarati Federation of Hangates. It is just that barely 20 "other Magarati films" are released every year whereas anywhere between 60 to 90 Gurung films are made at the same time. In general, other Magarati films are mostly in Nyssic (sometimes Doman and if it is any other national language of the federation; high chances that you are just watching a documentary made either by students or the Magarati government) tend to be "realist" and "anti-war" (leading to jokes about how Magarati movies other than Gurung films are just depressive and unimaginative anti-war rant-filled government-sponsored documentaries which will make you insane). On the other hand, Gurung films are often family-friendly movies with fantasy elements and "optimist" messages than just providing anti-war monologues. Most Gurung films are have less than an hour run-time and are part of a series. And every Gurung film must contain at least one song (mostly opening songs but some tend to have an ending song as well).

How did this start?

As mentioned before, there are "other Magarati films". The first film screened in the then Khas-Kirat Empire was the Noronican movie TBD in 189X. The first film made in the Magarat region itself was the Yakthung Paan language movie Yuma ("Grandmother", 1905) from Hangate of Arun Valley. It was an adaptation of the novel Your Wars (written by pacifist Sang Bokhim), setting in the immediate aftermath of the First Central Argus War and was heavily anti-war; a trait still seen in most "other Magarati films" still today. Over the next few years, other hangates also started making their own films until the outbreak of the War of the Khas-Kirati Succession in 1911 (also known as the Third Central Argus War, Great Gael War or War of the Contested Throne).

In 1918, war in Argus came to an end (although the actual peace treaty would be signed two years later). The Noronnican prince/ss TBD was crowned the Mahang and s/he disbanded the Khas-Kirat Empire; replacing it with the Magarati Dominion under Nyssic crown. Though Nyssic had long been used as a lingua franca within the Khas-Kirat Empire, it was now the official language of the Magarati Dominion and every single movie made in Magarat was now in Nyssic. After the dissolution of the Magarati Dominion and establishment of the Empire of Magarat under Temur Buduja; the Magarati cinema suffered even worse. The rate of films being made sharply dropped and the few that were produced were merely just propaganda.

In 1945, the Invasion of Magarat by the Free Powers began and Polar Svalbard was tasked with occupying the Second Tamuwan Hangate. Unlike other Free Powers that severely limited and controlled local media to curb "Magarati nationalism" in their occupation zones, the Svalbardians exposed the Tamuwanis to their films to introduce "Svalbardian concepts of democracy and freedom". And that was it. The Tamuwanis became hooked into Svalbardian films. Even after Second Tamuwan Hangate joined the communist People's Republic of Chuli around the 70s, most Tamuwani families would be watching Svalbardian movies after dinner or during other free time; a practice that has now been ingrained into local Tamuwani culture. Influenced by Svalbardian film directors such as Oliver Winblad, Luuk Oldemaat and Spencer Fraser; several Tamuwanis started to make what would later be known as "Gurung films".

Are there any notable Gurung films?

  • Cafe Lho - A 2013 movie that has now become a cult classic of sort. Unlike most other family-friendly Gurung films, Cafe Lho is full of graphic sex and violent deaths. The plot has 12 people trapped in a cafe during a storm as they are all murdered one by one. Rita Paljai Pachyu, who played the mysterious Tipper lady, won TBDXrevaro? award. Best not to talk about its 2015 prequel that ended up being a huge disappointment (and a franchise killer as many claim).

  • By the Lake - A semi-historical film about an ancient man who walks the globe in search of the woman of his dreams.

  • I Date Demons - The I Date Demons is a series of three light comedy films about a heavenly spirit who has reincarnated as a high school girl in order to arrest incubus-like demons. Its more serious spin-off Naraka, about the half-demon son of the titular character, is more well-known in other countries.

  • School Battles - Two schools. Constant fights. TBDblahblah