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Daily Fox Online - The First Male President

The First Male President
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Christina Birch | 09.08.2019

This is a historic moment for our country

BREAKING NEWS: The Daily Fox has been informed that our beloved president, Mrs Astrid Haugen has been rushed to Rubin City Hospital having reportedly gone into labour just a couple of hours ago. This came as a surprise as the baby was not due until the 22nd of this month. First gentleman, Miles Haugen was seen to be with her and it can be assumed this birth will be a smooth one.

This sudden development means that we have entered a period of temporary presidency, with Hans Selberg becoming our acting president. If Astrid is sticking to her plan from back in November this will be a two month period, she will return as president in October.

This is historic as it marks the first time since St Scarlett’s independence back in 1987 that we’ve had a man as a leader, and while some may not be happy with this it shows the great progress our nation has made under Astrid.

We asked Mr Selberg for a comment and he responded with a brief statement in which he wished the Haugens good luck with the birth and everything that followed and assured us that he will continue Astrid’s plans without major alterations, giving his brief presidency a similar style to what we have been used to since Astrid took over.

It is too early to know anything more about the birth, but as we have said prior The Daily Fox will keep you updated with any developments and will be the first to let you know when the birth is complete and the name and gender of the baby.

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By ChiliWraps - 2 Mins Ago

I still hope it's a girl! Good luck Astrid!

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By CuddleBear - 2 Mins Ago

This is so exciting! And a male president too 😮. Hopefully everything goes well.

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By Miss_Stress - 4 Mins Ago

You put a man in charge? This is why I never trusted Astrid! Our country is doomed...

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By Marcus.Svensen1996 - 7 Mins Ago


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