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July Update || 2019

His Majesty's Government

The 38th Imperial Parliament

The Monarchy

King: HRBM Henry IX

Prince of Wales: HRBH Charles

Prince Royal: Leopold Roth

HM Civil Executive Government

Prime Minister: Madeline Norfolk Stuart

Deputy Prime Minister: Arthur Hanover-Suart

Home Secretary: Raph Norfolk-Westfalen

Foreign Secretary: Klaus Mikaelson

Culture Secretary: William Rhys Lancaster-Stuart

Roleplay Secretary: Artimedias Norfolk-Westfalen

Attorney General: Alistair Stuart

Great Officers of State

Principle Private Secretary: Alistair Stuart

Lord Chamberlain: Henry Norfolk

Lord Advocate: Juris Lancaster

Captain General: Madeline Norfolk

Director-General of MI5: Arnold T Lancaster-Stuart

Supreme Court

Lord Chief Justice: Owen Bonaparte

Associate Justice: Jay Dee Bonaparte

Associate Justice: Theodore Uchiha

Kingdom of Great Britain

Regional Information Kiosk

Founded: August 18th, 2013

Ruling Family: The Royal House of Stuart

Regional Power: High

The House of Lords

Lord High Chancellor

His Britannic Highness, the Prince Royal

His Grace, The Duke of Clarence and Aquitaine

His Grace, The Duke of Clarence and Aquitaine

His Grace, The Duke of York

His Lordship, The Marquess of Westminster

His Lordship, The Earl of Carlisle

His Lordship, The Viscount Telcontar of Whitby

The House of Commons

The Rt. Hon. Speaker

Alistair Stuart

Alistair Stuart (TPP) MP for Brandon-Souris (Canada)

Arthur Hanover-Stuart (FEP) MP for Grey (Australia)

Madeline Norfolk (BRP) MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd (Wales)

William Rhys Lancaster-Stuart (BRP) MP for Bath (England)

Artimedias Norfolk-Westfalen (IND) MP for East Coast (New Zealand)

Albert Philip Stuart (BRP) MP for Dublin Central (Ireland)

Cameron M. Romefeller (NLP) MP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Scotland)

HM Government: Free Royalist Potato Cooperative

HM Loyal Opposition: National Labor Party

Citizens' Assembly

Crown Delegate: HRH The Prince Royal

Chairman: Alec Norfolk-Stuart


Norfolk-Stuart and the BRP Take the Main Stage

Written by K. Mikaelson

Norfolk-Stuart Address supporters of the British Royalist Party following the Election

With a mixture of old and new members, the British Royalist Party was able to appeal to a wide base of support, in part thanks to their multi-party coalition that now holds a majority of seats within the House of Commons. Prime Minister Norfolk-Stuart is no stranger to holding high office, and after being nominated several times for the position in the previous term, she now finally enters 10 Downing Street ready and willing to get to work for the betterment of her people and region. Before the election, Norfolk-Stuart announced the proposed cabinet members that she would invite to join her government if she were to be elected.

His Majesties Government now looks like this:

Deputy Prime Minister: Arthur Hanover-Stuart

Home Secretary: Ralph Norfolk-Westfalen

Foreign Secretary: Klaus Mikaelson

Culture Secretary: William Rhys Lancaster-Stuart

Roleplay Secretary: Artimedias Norfolk-Wesfalen

Attorney General: Alistair Stuart

While some questioned a few of the nominees who were newer to the region, Norfolk-Stuart heartily endorsed all proposed cabinet as being a good mixture of people well known in the region and people that while newer, had worked with Norfolk-Stuart before.

The citizens of the region now eagerly wait to see just how successful Norfolk-Stuart's government is during this much-anticipated term.

*Author's Note: Since the time that this article was first written, one of the BRP MP's has stepped down and has been replaced by Cameron Romefeller of the NLP

The Assembly is Working

Written by Alec Norfolk-Stuart, Chairman of the Citizens’ Assembly

The purpose of the inclusion of legislative theme events in the Citizens' Assembly is to encourage participation in the CA. The First Theme, Defense, encouraged members to draft and discuss pieces of legislation that fell under the category of Defense. While I do not have an exact number for the individuals who participated in the discussions (which is awesome because a lot of people participated!), we did have three bills submitted and discussed in the CA.The goal is to "institutionalize" these themed events- by that I mean, I hope that my successor in the role of CA Chair will continue the events, and the placement of past Chairs and their terms in the Hall of Chairpeople.Another major goal is the purpose of the events- the aforementioned encouragement of participation in the CA- and to continue to see them increase. We are almost finished with the second theme, Education, and discussion and debate has been going on for quite some time- especially pertaining to one piece of Education-themed legislation. While I cannot share the next theme at this time (I want to keep it a surprise), I do hope that it will be even more active than the previous two, which are increasing in activity and participation already. The BBC and private medias have been covering this wildly successful initiative!

Parliament Parliament Parliament

Written by Arthur Hanover-Norfolk-Stuart, MP for Grey

The House of Commons this past month has seen discussion close on 4 bills and there’s one still on the floor. Though the Speaker has been noted to have concern over activity, the People’s House has been ultimately productive having passed 3 of those 4 bills on to the House of Lords.

First, the Freedom of Information Act, proposed in the previous term, was tabled following the proposal from the Hon. Member for Grey (Australia) that would, rather than create a whole new act, amend a standing one to ensure that the law already on the books was compliant with other laws that it was contradicting.

The Military Intelligence Reform Act (MIRA) Freedom of Information Amendment, as previously discussed, would amend the act to be compliant and expounding by other laws already enacted. It was passed on July 25th.

The Prime Minister’s Succession Act, which would make sweeping changes to the way that Prime Ministers would be succeeded in the event of a resignation, passed the House of Commons on July 29th. It has yet to be passed within the House of Lords but has experienced some amendments already. The bill still being debated was put to the House floor on July 25th and would set ethical standards for official domestic media sources in the region such as out of context quotations and the punishments for breaking those ethics. The bill was proposed by the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister and Member for Dwyfor Meirionnydd (Wales) at the request of a citizen (Mr. Eli Hesial) in her office on July 22nd. Mr. Hesial also wrote the bill.

On July 19th, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister, Madeline Norfolk-Stuart opened the first session of Prime Minister’s Questions. There, while answering questions, also made promises towards guides for the Master Citizenship Maintenance, appointment of a chief mouser at 10 Downing, among other things.

Deputy PM Takes Mental Holiday

Written by Eliza Poppyseed, BBC News

Recent speculation suggestions that the Deputy PM has been refusing to take his medication since taking office

Prime Minister Norfolk, now in her 4th term and just days into it, has already experienced a few hiccups in her administration, namely, her Deputy Prime Minister entering Parliamentary chambers to report on his duties, but not on the duties one would think.

In a heated conversation and many coming to an agreement that the Speaker of the House of Commons Alistair Stuart was on the right track in rectifying the concern of setting a minimum and rather extreme sentencing, Deputy Prime Minister and Member for Grey, Arthur Norfolk-Hanover-Stuart entered the chambers to report that he had spoken to all the Ministers regarding their Civil Service applications.

Confused and concerned for his well being, the Prime Minister and Speaker pulled the Deputy Prime Minister aside to ensure he was well. The Deputy blinked and realized in horror that he was in fact not in the Prime Minister’s office and was instead in the Commons chambers. “I am so sorry, I thought this was 10 Downing, my driver must have taken me to the wrong address…” to which the Deputy was reminded he drove himself. In a dignified tone, the Deputy exclaimed “I have just finished traveling and I’ve had 2 really productive days I’m entitled to a stupid day”. The Prime Minister and Speaker were seen by a House recordkeeper cracking up as the Speaker adjourned today’s Commons session for Lunch. This event was quickly struck from the record in chambers, but not before this reporter got her hands on it!

During lunch, the Speaker had indicated he “took that drill like a man” as he explained his horrors at the dentist earlier in the morning while the Deputy Prime Minister commented on the Speaker’s behavior must be drug-related. Sources say that the Speaker does not have a drug issue, just a caffeine dependency. The Culture Secretary reminded the Speaker to brush his teeth, but not go too far and floss.

After hearing of what occurred within Commons, the Foreign Secretary smirked “Deputy PM? Mr. Bean? You decide!” to which the Speaker and Deputy Prime Minister began a heated argument over the use of uwu. By-standers at the lunch have indicated that Mr. Hanover-Stuart intends to resurrect the zombie of Andrew Jackson to siege Mr. Stuart’s city. Whatever this means is only known between the two as the rest during the lunch stared blankly at the two.

Upon meeting after lunch concluded, all Secretaries reported that their applications have been updated, and the launch for the new and improved Civil Service is to be announced sometime later this week prior to the first round of Prime Minister’s Questions.

The ambassador and diplomat list has finally received the TLC is needed for organization and an update is set to have finish the drafting stages by the end of the first session of PMQs. The Roleplay Secretary, after making faces towards the Home Secretary, explained that she has been hard at work for a new update within the roleplay, likely military-related as the guide for the roleplay is reaching the end of the drafting stages. The Attorney General happily reported that the Bar Exam is continuing to be improved, when asked about what is next for his staff, he simply stared at the Prime Minister in response, only she knew what that meant. After he insinuated that the Prime Minister was distributing weed to foreign nationals, she concluded it was better to simply allow his shenanigans during meetings and in private, handling business.

Thank you for reading our July 2019 Update! As always, we invite you to come and visit us in our many outlets where the activities never stop!