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The Charter of Region Name


We the Nations of Region Name, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure regional tranquility, provide for the common defense, support the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this charter for the NationStates Region of Region Name.

  1. The Branch of the Executive

    1. A branch of governance is hereby established of the Executive. The purpose of this branch is as follows: To lead the region, to manage international relations, to mantain order within the region and to keep the other branches to be established in this charter in accordance with the values of the Region.

      1. The leader of the Executive shall be the World Assembly Delegate, who shall have the powers of The Executive, World Assembly, Polls (Only to be used in case of an impeachment trial of an official, or a declaration of war), Communications, and Apperance.

      2. The World Assembly Delegate shall be democratically elected

        1. The Delegate shall serve a term of 6 months for every time they are elected, and may not hold more than 2 terms consecutively. (changed from "The Delegate shall serve a term of 6 months for every time they are elected, with the current term of the current delegate ending on August 16th, 2019" by Amendment 6)

        2. The Election of the Delegate shall occur on the Thursday of the third week of the month of the end of the term of the delegate. The elected delegate shall take office on the day after they are elected at approximatley 8 o'clock A.M. Eastern Standard Time.

        3. The Delegate shall be voted upon by legal voters with medium influence in the region. All native World Assembly Members may vote also

        4. Whomever the winner is must be endorsed by all World Assembly Members if active by a time after the certification of the election. Not doing so may result in a temporary ejection from the region.

    2. The process of impeachment of the World Assembly Delegate is hereby established

      1. For the process to begin, the Judicial Official must declare the delegate in contempt

        1. An offense for being in contempt is violation of law

        2. Another offense for being in contempt is any corrupt action such as blackmailing or bribing

        3. The Final Offense for being in contempt is making deals or secretly communicating with an enemy

      2. After this, the Speaker must put up a poll of if the delegate should be impeached. If it recieves 75% Approval, the delegate shall be banned and ejected from the region for a period determined by the Judicial Official

      3. Between the period when the Election Official Determines the snap election should be and impeachment, all powers shall be stripped of the delegate. Also if the person whom was not elected delegate recieves the delegacy they shall not have powers.

    3. The job of the Executive are to be as follows

      1. To approve bills passed by the Speaker that have recieved under 60% of the vote

      2. Investigate Corrupt Officials with the help of the Judicial Official

      3. Manage Embassies and Foriegn Relations

      4. Establish Committees

      5. Appoint a Defense Minister

  2. The Legislature

    1. The Branch of Government of Legislation is hereby established

      1. The role of the legislature shall be this: to present declarations, laws, deals, and Amendments to both the aforementioned items and this document to the region for the betterment of the region, and they shall be voted on by the true nations of this region.

      2. The leader of the legislature shall be the speaker, who shall write the aforementioned items and present them to the region in the form of a poll.

    2. The Speaker shall hold a term of 6 months from their initial elections with the exception of the term occurring during the authoring of this fine document. The Current term of the Speakership shall end on Friday, November 15th at 8 o'clock A.M., the day after the election of a new Speaker. The winner of the Speaker election shall become Speaker the day after the election

      1. The election of the Speaker shall occur on the Thursday of the third week of the month 6 months after the previous election. Polls shall be opened from 8 o'clock A.M. to 8 o'clock P.M.

      2. Only Legal Voters with medium influence or greater shall be able to vote in this election. (changed from "Only Legal Voters with medium influence shall be able to vote in this election" by the 5th Amendment)

      3. Any nation may run for this election, but a single nation may only hold 2 terms of the Speakership.

    3. The Speaker shall write bills and put them in polls, with these standards

      1. Polls for any item being voted on must be voted on for 2 to 4 days.

      2. No text in the bill may be written cryptically, colored so it is not visible, or use any sort of mehod to implement another law that is unknown to the public in the poll.

      3. Any bill being voted on must be pinned in the WFE

      4. All legal voters must be able to vote on a bill

      5. Affirmative and Negative options must always be clear choices on the poll. (changed from Yea and Nay must always be options on the poll by the 5th Amendment)

      6. Failure to comply to these standards shall be invalidation of the bill and impeachment from the Speakership

    4. For a voted on item to be declared effective, this is the amount of support it must receive from the public

      1. A bill must recieve over 50% votes in favor to be passed to the delegate. If it does not, it fails and does not become law

      2. A deal will not become regional law but an agreement between whomever agrees in the poll to join it becomes a member and must comply to the standards and will recieve its benefits

      3. A declaration of war must receive 66.666% or greater of the vote in order to be enacted. A declaration of war must clearly state a cause and a straightforward enemy nation or region. It may also set standards for what fighting nations must contribute. Also it must set a date within a month of the end of the poll for a revote on the declaration. If the revote fails, the war is over. If it is approved, the war may continue but the revote and all future revotes must contain a date for the next revote within 2 weeks of the previous.

      4. Amendments to the regional charter must receieve 70% of the vote to take into affect

    5. To impeach the Speaker, a group of 40% of the regions nations must sign onto a petition that must be sent to the judicial official.

      1. The judicial official will then review the petition which must state the reasoning for impeachment

        1. Viable Reasons will be evaluated by the Judicial Official and Include

        2. Corruption

        3. Not acting in the best interest of the region

        4. Blackmail

        5. Or general unpopularity amongst the region

        6. Unexcused in activity for 7 days and 7 days with no new legislation or poll up

        7. Or leaving the region without permission of the Delegate or Judicial Official

      2. If the Judicial Official determines the Speaker is in violation of any of these crimes, the Speaker shall be impeached and removed from office. (Changed from "If the Judicial Official determines the Speaker is in violation of any of these crimes, he must publicly declare it then the Election Official must put up a poll within 2 days for all legal voters to vote on impeachment. If 66.6666% determine the Speaker should be impeached, he shall be impeached" by the 5th Amendment)

    6. If the Speaker leaves office based off impeachment, resignation, Ceasing to Exit or any other mean that results in the removal from office, a special election will occur

      1. The Special Election must occur within 7 days of the created vacancy, unless the event occurs within 2 weeks of the planned Speaker Election. If that occurs, the election will be the planned Speaker Election.

      2. All legal voters with medium influence or greater may vote in a special election (changed from "All legal voters with medium influence may vote in a speical election" by the 5th Amendment)

      3. If a Speaker is elected and taken office before the halfway point of the current term of the Speaker, they may only run for one more term. If they take office after the halfway point, they may run for two terms

  3. The Judiciary

    1. The Branch of Government which shall be called the Judicial Branch is hereby established

      1. The purpose of the judiciary shall be this: to uphold and defend the true intent of the charter of Region Name for the benefit of the people and to make sure none leading the region are corrupt in manner.

      2. The Judicial Official is the leader of the Judiciary and Will receive powers of Border Control, Communications, and Polls

      3. At the time of the establishment of this charter, the First Judicial Official shall be the Regional Founder, Great Patrick. The Founder shall recieve all possible powers, including Executive.

    2. The Judicial Official Must recieve a docket to begin a case

      1. A docket must include:

        1. Which nation/nations and/or law/bill are being sued

        2. A clear quote of which law they a breaking, only a passed regional law

        3. A paragraph giving background and describing what this nation did.

        4. All available evidence, including full telegrams (which must receive verification by the judicial official via subpoena), unedited quotes from RMB posts, RL quotes (which must receive verification by at least one witness or the defendant) or anything else that may aid the prosecution in their docket

        5. A docket (changed from "defense" by the 5th Amendment) must have, in italics at the top of the telegram, the statement:
          I, (leader of the nation), hereby swear upon God, upon Region Name, upon my life, and upon the people of (nation) to not ever write or speak a single lie, mistruth, or in my writing of this docket, and hereby swear off all my opinions of my past, for the sake of justice, loyalty, strength, love, and truth, and for the people of (nation), Region Name, and the World

      2. The docket must be sent via telegram to the judicial official, who must review it within 1 week of its arrival or competence may be question, allowing for the Speaker and Delegate to begin impeachment talks

      3. If the judicial official declares the case invalid, not enough provided evidence, or improper format, the case will be thrown out. His reasoning for throwing it out must be stated publicly on the RMB

    3. If the Judicial Official declares the case valid, a defense must be submitted

      1. The Judicial Official must notify the sued nations by telegram or must inform the author of the bill being sued, along with the entire text of the prosecution docket

      2. The Defense must be written and submitted within the first week by the nation being sued (if multiple each nation must submit their own defense), or by the author of the bill within the first week.

        1. A clear paragraph describing the situation for their point of view

        2. A response to all presented evidence

        3. Any other invalidations of the prosecution

        4. It must state at the top, in italics: "I, (leader of the nation), hereby swear upon God, upon Region Name, upon my life, and upon the people of (nation) to not ever write or speak a single lie, mistruth, or in my writing of this docket, and hereby swear off all my opinions of my past, for the sake of justice, loyalty, strength, love, and truth, and for the people of (nation), Region Name, and the World"

      3. In the case of a bill being invalidated, if the author has either Ceased to Exist, not responsded, or has not submitted a proper defense, it shall be made public on the RMB by the Judicial Official that anyone may submit a defense for the bill. The Judicial Official must then choose from all defenses sent within a 3 day period and choose the best defense.

    4. If he deems necessary, the Judicial Official may ask both sides to defend their side one more time.

      1. However the Prosectuion must be sent the defense

      2. And the defense must see the second prosecution docket before sending the second defense

      3. After this point, the judicial official may not ask for any more dockets

    5. The Judicial Official may question any nation he pleases throughout the process

      1. However any nation has the right not to respond

      2. If the Judicial Official, Speaker, and Delegate, all declare on the RMB that this nation must respond for the sake of trial, then that nation must respond to the Judicial Official within 3 days of asking

      3. In any response, the following must be put in italics at the top of the telegram: "I, (leader of the nation), hereby swear upon God, upon Region Name, upon my life, and upon the people of (nation) to not ever write or speak a single lie, mistruth, or in my writing of this docket, and hereby swear off all my opinions of my past, for the sake of justice, loyalty, strength, love, and truth, and for the people of (nation), Region Name, and the World"

    6. The Judicial Official must make a decision within 1 week of the final piece of evidence being sent

      1. His decisions on an impeachment case may be

        1. Not Impeached

        2. Impeached, no ban or ejection

        3. Impeached, ejection

        4. Impeached, temporary ban and ejection

        5. Impeached, lifetime ban

        6. The length of a temporary ban is up to the Judicial Official

        7. He may also apply any sanctions deemed necessary on the charged. He may also only order sanctions

      2. His decisions in a case regarding a non-powerholding nation may be

        1. Not guilty on all charges

        2. Guilty and barred from running from office temporarily

        3. Guilty, barred from office and ejected no ban

        4. Guilty, barred, ejected and banned temporarily

        5. Guilty, barred, ejected and banned permanently

        6. The length of a temporary ban is up to the Judicial Official

        7. He may also apply any sanctions deemed necessary on the charged. He may also only order sanctions

      3. His decisions regarding a piece of legislation may be

        1. Fully legal, the law stands

        2. Partially legal, pieces of the law must be repealed but others may remain

        3. Completely Illegal, the bill must be disposed of

      4. His decisions and his reasoning must be put publicly on the RMB

    7. If the Judicial Official ever ceases to exist the Regional Border must be closed till a replacement is in power

      1. The first step shall be the evaluation period

        1. During the evaluation period, the king regions (which shall be declared later in this charter) must notify the region that a complete regional dissolution is to occur.

        2. Also planning for the Judicial Official Election must begin. This period must last one week.

      2. The next period will be the Election period, where the candidates of Judicial Official are vetted and may campaign. To be a candidate one must be a king region. At the end of this period which shall last a week, a choice between the candidates shall occur. The winner of this choice shall advance to the certification period.

      3. The next period is the Certification period. The winner of the previous election will need to receive 80% approval for Judicial Officials from all other legal voters over a 3 day period. He may vote for himself. If he does not receive 80%, the runner up candidate in the election will receive certification vote from all legal voters over the next immediate 3 day period, in which he needs 80%. If he does not reach this, the next week a new election period shall be called and all legal voters shall be allowed to run for Judicial Official. Then, after the election of the new candidate out of the legal voters, all legal voters shall vote in a certification period to achieve 75% approval. If he does not achieve this, the process repeats until a new Judicial Official is chosen.

      4. In the next period, the exchange period, all non government official nations will have 1 week to move out of Region Name to Definitely Not Region Name. If any nation does not, the government officials have the right to eject whatever nation. Finally the Speaker must copy all regional history from the tab down into a dispatch. Communication with the new Judicial Official must be open and he must be very active and ready to refound the region. The Delegate, Speaker, and new Official will be the last to leave the locked region to Definitely Not Region Name. The new Judicial Official must be active till the next WA update so he can refound the Region as soon as possible. He must keep this charter and reappoint all former officials.

    8. The Process of Impeaching the Judicial Official shall exist

      1. Viable Reasons for Impeachment shall be

        1. Conspiracy Against Region Name

        2. Violation of the Charter

        3. Lying to witnesses

        4. Violating Regional Law

        5. Making decisions in a case against all logic with no explanation

        6. Not making decisions public within a reasonable amount of time

        7. 15 days inactivity or greater without excuse

      2. The Speaker, World Assembly Delegate, Elections Official, or any other power-holding individual must first declare the Judicial Official in violation of these rules

      3. If this happens, the Speaker must put up a 5 day poll up so all legal voters may vote. If 75% or more vote in favor of impeachment, the Judicial Official shall be impeached. If 75% is not met, the Judicial Official Shall not be impeached. The Judicial Official may remain in the region and run for other office. If he begins tormenting the region, regional dissolution may be allowed to proceed. If not, he will remain not Judicial Official, and an election in the above process of electing an official shall occur.

  4. The Department of Defense

    1. The Purpose of the Defense Minister is to protect the Region from both Military and raider threats, as well as to maintain some level of vigilance about potential threats.

    2. The defense minister will be appointed by the WA Delegate, but can only be removed with a majority approval from the Speaker, WA Delegate, and Judicial Official.

      1. The Defense Minister will have the powers of: Border Control, Communication, and Appearance.

      2. The defense Minister must be in the top 10 for regional influence to be appointed.

    3. The Defense Minister must submit a monthly report to both the Speaker and WA Delegate.

      1. The report must be submitted on the second Saturday of the month.

      2. The report may be submitted through telegram, but may not be stored in a dispatch.

      3. Reports must be accessible for a minimum of 6 months after they have been submitted.

    4. If the region is being actively raided, the Defense Minister can password protect the region.

      1. During this time period, the Defense Minister can eject any raider nation.

      2. The password-protection can be lifted at any time by the Judicial Official.

    5. If there is a active or strong military threat against the region, the defense minister should:

      1. Recommend the military stance of the region to top officials.

      2. Recommend military strategy against the threat.

      3. Coordinate military actions taken against the threat, or military actions taken as defensive measures against the threat.

    6. Should the region ever be attacked in any form, the defense minister should telegram the region explaining the situation.

    7. If the Judicial Official finds the defense minister in violation of laws, dealing illegally with foreign powers, or abusing their powers by ejecting a non raider nation, the defense minister may be removed from office by a vote of Speaker, Elections Official, and Judicial official requiring a simple majority

  5. The Elections Commission

    1. The Region Name Commission for the furtherment and Protection of Democracy is hereby established and shall be known as the Elections Commission

      1. The leader of the Elections Commission shall be the Elections Commissioner.

      2. The purpose of the Elections Commissioner shall be this: to determine the legality and free mindedness of the nations of Region Name, to uphold election law, and to make sure the elections of Region Name our fair and honest.

      3. The powers to be received by the Elections Commissioner are Appearance and Communications. The power of Polls shall only be given the day before elections so that they may start and end the poll of the election at the proper time, and to fix any restrictions on voters. After the Election is certified, the power of Polls shall be taken away.

    2. The Elections Commissioner will determine whom in Region Name can vote

      1. The Commissioner will keep a list of legal voters of Region Name. A legal voter must be of an independent mind, and must vote for issues based off their national identity, rather than personal bias in order to influence a piece of legislation in their direction unfairly. The Elections Commissioner Must be able to determine between honest, independently minded nations and nations influenced by other nations to push a goal.

      2. Free-mindedness is up to the Commissioner, and they must take great responsibility in analyzing a nations trends and take hints at changes in a nations greed. If a nation betrays their free-mindedness once, they must be removed from the list for at least one month,

      3. If the Commissioner changes the list during an active vote, the voters at that the time of the beginning of the vote are all legal voters for that legislation. If they change it at the end of the vote, the voting list is changed for the next bill proposed.

    3. The Election Commissioner shall be elected

      1. Anyone may run for Election Commissioner, who will hold a 3 month term

      2. The First Elections Commissioner Election will occur October 18th, 2019 and each next will occur on the third Thursday of the month three months after each election date.

      3. Polls shall be open for 12 hours (opened by the Speaker), and shall last from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.. Only World Assembly Members and King Regions may vote for Elections Commissioner.

    4. Impeaching the Elections Commissioner hereby is established

      1. To impeach the Elections Commissioner, either 20% of the region must sign a RMB post stating he violated one of the following impeachable offenses or any government official must find he broke one

        1. Violation of Law or the Charter or both

        2. Using the voter list for corrupt purposes of changing the vote of a bill

        3. Conspiring against Region Name

        4. Not taking proper actions against offenders

        5. Being proven to be influenced by an outside source

      2. If they violate one of these and 3a. occurs then the Speaker must put up a 3 day poll open to only World Assembly Members and king regions on impeachment. If 70% vote in favor, the Elections Official is impeached.

    5. One nation may only serve 4 terms as Elections Commissioner

    6. During a political election, the nations first vote is their final vote and they may not change it

  6. The Journalist (Removed by the Third Amendment)

    1. Establishing the Office Of Journalist who has the job to establish a Regional Newspaper that will be published weekly.

      1. The Journalist will receive powers of Communications and Appearance

      2. They also have the duty of alerting the region of breaking news

      3. If they fail to write a newspaper for 2 weeks without excuse, they will be impeached.

      4. An excuse may allow them to pass but must be certified by the Delegate or Speaker

    2. Who is the Journalist will be determined by agreement between all power holding officials besides the delegate.

    3. The Speaker May launch impeachment poll of the Journalist if their is significant anger against their work or they have not written the paper.

  7. Regional Code System

    1. Regional Codes will be hereby instated

      1. The purpose of the Regional Codes shall be this: to notify the region of what is occurring and to ensure the safety of the region.

      2. The Defense Minister has control over what code is to be put up at the top of the WFE.

      3. The Defense Minister must have the permission of the WA Delegate to put up the code.

        1. The WA Delegate must be notified by the Defense Minister privately through telegram.

        2. The WA Delegate must give approval within 24 hours of the proposed code change

      4. The following codes will be put into a dispatch that will be placed under the present regional code, so that all members of the region know what is occurring. These codes are the codes that will be used by the Defense Minister.

        1. GREEN - There is currently no threat to Region Name.

        2. ORANGE - There is a potential threat to Region Name. Residents should be alert and report any suspicious activity.

        3. RED - The Region is potentially being invaded. The region should be password protected and the Founder contacted.

        4. BLACK - There is a global catastrophe occurring. The Region is raided or is being raided. Region Name should be password protected for the safety of the residents. Government officials should be on high alert. The right to a fair trial is suspended. Judicial Official should be prepared to return should they be ejected. The WA Delegate can claim Border Control powers. These should be removed immediately following a de-escalation. They can also be removed by the Founder at any time. Encompasses all codes.

        5. VIOLET - There is an active military threat to Region Name. The WA Delegate can declare the Region at war. The WA Delegate can declare any person(s) an enemy of the Region.

        6. BLUE - There is no present WA Delegate. The region may be password protected

  8. Transition and the Establishment of Ideals

    1. At the time of the establishment of this Charter, all government officials of the old government must resign from their positions besides The Speaker and Judicial Official. The Speaker will Organize Special Elections throughout September, 2019 in compliance with this charter.

    2. No single nation shall be able to hold multiple government positions. Also any nation under significant influence of a power-holding nation shall not be allowed to hold power

    3. The King Regions of Region Name Shall be

      1. Minimark

      2. Melon ia

      3. Mundane

      4. Great Patrick

      5. Pius Desurongcrandis (Replaced New Gwapington II on July 30th, 2020)

    4. In order to add or remove a nation from the list of King Regions, the Speaker, World Assembly Delegate, Judicial Official, and Elections Official must give majority consent to do so. The Judicial Official may veto any additions or subtractions passed if he believes the Speaker, Delegate, and Elections Official made a mistake in their decision to add or remove a nation.

Article IV

  1. Nations have the right to free speech.

  2. Nations have the right to free trade.

  3. Nations have the right to keep a National Military.

  4. Nations have the right to be independent.

  5. No nation will be turned away, banned, or banjected from Region Name unless proper evidence is provided.

  6. Nations have a right not to be forced to give money or materials to a committee or program, but they shall receive no benefits of the program

  7. Nations have the right to run for public office.

  8. Nations have the right to defend themselves in a court case.

    Amendments to the Regional Charter

    1. The First Amendment

      1. Tie Breaking Procedure for All Positions besides the World Assembly Delegate

        1. If the Votes are tied between the highest vote receiving candidates in All elections besides the election of the World Assembly Delegate by the closure of the poll another election shall take place between the tied candidates with the most received votes mentioned before

        2. This election will take place the next day in the same time frame

        3. The legal voters for the first election shall be the legal voters for the second

      2. If a tie is reached here, the King regions shall vote with a simple majority necessary to determine the winner

        1. The King regions must respond in 2 days

        2. If they do not respond in 2 days, their competence as a king region shall be questioned

        3. If the King Region vote ties, the Judicial official shall determine the winner

        4. If one candidate is a king region, he shall not have a vote and the nation with the next highest influence after the king regions shall have a vote in the tiebreaking procedure of king regions

        5. If 2 candidates are king regions, they shall not vote and the remaining 3 shall vote on the winner

        6. The Elections Official must certify the vote and all procedure at the end of this king region vote

      3. Tie Breaking Procedure for the World Assembly Delegate

        1. If the election for delegate ties, all World Assembly members besides those who are candidates shall vote for the winner

        2. If these tie, the Judicial Official will determine a winner

        3. All certification rules established above are established here also

    2. The Second Amendment (Repealed By 5th Amendment)

      1. Amending the right of the WA Delegate to establish committees

        1. An alternate way for a committee to be passed is by poll

          1. The WA Delegate will put a committee up for voting and if the committee passes with over 66.66% of legal voters voting for, the committee will be established

          2. The poll must be put up for 2-4 days

      2. The following process will be used in order to remove a committee

        1. If the region believes that a committee should be removed, the Delegate, Speaker, and Judicial Official will vote

        2. The committee will remain or be removed by a vote of simple majority

      3. The following guidelines for a committee moderator will be hereby instated

        1. All limits on time holding the position and number of times a moderator can hold the position will be voted on by the committee

        2. Whatever a committee decides on the limit for a moderator to hold a term will be the limit for that committee, and only that committee only

        3. Any committee member can propose laws or rules, not just the moderator

        4. The moderator has power over what is being voted on in the committee

        5. If the law is passed in the committee, it will then be voted on by all legal voters

          1. The law will pass with over 66.66% of legal voters voting for

      4. The Regional Currency and all laws relating to it will be abolished

    3. The Third Amendment

      1. Because of the NIC, the Journalist has become useless, therefore the Article VI of the Charter is hereby abolished starting February 21st, 2020.

      2. Amending the Colony Limitation Act

        1. If a nation has defied any law in the act, a nation will be punished

        2. If a nation is found guilty of breaking any law in the act, the Judicial Official will determine the punishment

      3. The WA Delegate will hereby be given embassy powers in order to manage embassies and foreign relations which is stated in the Charter

    4. The Fourth Amendment

      1. Noting that all Regional Codes work well, but more must be created in order to accurately notify the region on what is occurring.

        1. The code PINK will be used when all role-play is shut down.

          1. This code shall be used when the RARC feels that role-play should be stopped until accurate measures can be taken.

        2. The code GOLD shall be used if the region is without a founder and all nations need to be evacuated to Definitely Not Region Name

    5. The Fifth Amendment

      1. Committee Rework

        1. Repeals the Second Amendment, but committees established under the second amendment shall not be disbanded.

        2. Repeals Regional Committees Articles I - V

          1. Committees established in these Articles will not be dissolved.

          2. Committees shall now be established through legislation proposed by the speaker.

            1. Legislation forming a new committee must include:

              1. An explanation of the purpose / goal of the committee.

              2. A link to a dispatch that will serve as the committees dispatch, which may be changed.

              3. The branch of government under which the committee operates.

              4. A clear explanation for how the committee will operate.

              5. And a clear way for the committee to pass legislation, if that is part of the committee's job.

            2. Legislation to pass a committee will require a simple majority to pass.

            3. The Executive may veto any committee that does not get more than 75% approval.

        3. Committees must have a Moderator.

          1. The Moderator will be chosen by a simple majority vote of the other committee members.

          2. The Moderator may also be removed at any time by a simple majority of the other committee members.

          3. The Moderator will act as the leader and representative of the committee.

          4. A nation should only be the moderator of one committee.

        4. Committees must have a dispatch.

          1. This dispatch must explain the basic purpose and goals of the committee.

          2. The dispatch must also contain the operating procedures of the committee. (How it functions and makes decisions.)

          3. This dispatch will be maintained by the moderator.

          4. If the dispatch is found to be missing or out of date for 2 weeks or greater, the moderator of the committee will be removed unless they have a valid explanation, and cannot be the next moderator.

        5. All Committees must operate under a branch of the government.

          1. The RARC will operate under the Legeslative branch, specifically the Speaker.

          2. The DFRC and PTC will operate under the Executive branch.

            1. The DFRC will operate specifically under The Executive.

            2. The PTC will operate specifically under the Defense Minister.

          3. The NIC will operate under the Press Department, which is hereby established, and will operate specifically under the Press Secretary.

          4. All other committees not named will operated in the Executive branch, technically under The Executive.

        6. If a committee passes legislation that would affect the whole region, it also must be voted on by the whole region, requiring 66% or greater to pass.

          1. Legislation passed this way can be repealed by the speaker at any time with a 50% majority or greater.

          2. Legislation proposed this way must follow all the expectations of a piece of legislation that would be proposed by the speaker.

        7. A committee must have at least 3 active members to become active.

        8. A committee will have a maximum of 5 members.

        9. No nation will be forced to participate in a committee.

        10. Any nation may participate in any committee unless:

          1. The committee is full.

          2. They have been specifically disallowed from the committee / committees in a court of law.

      2. The Press Secretary

        1. Establishes the office of the Press Secretary.

          1. The moderator of the NIC will be the Press Secretary.

          2. The Press Secretary will be the leader of the Press Department.

          3. The Press Secretary will receive the powers of Communication and Appearance.

        2. The Press Secretary has to at least deliver a newspaper to the region once a month, however a greater frequency is encouraged.

          1. If the Press Secretary fails to publish a newspaper for 1 month without excuse, they will be removed from the NIC and therefore the position of Press Secretary, and cannot be the next moderator of the NIC.

        3. The nation that is the Press Secretary may hold a second government position.

      3. General Reform

        1. Section 2b of Article II of the charter shall be amended to say, "Only Legal Voters with medium influence or greater shall be able to vote in this election."

        2. Section 3e of Article II of the charter shall be amended to say, "Affirmative and Negative options must always be clear choices on the poll."

        3. Section 5b of Article II of the charter shall be amended to say, "If the Judicial Official determines the Speaker is in violation of any of these crimes, the Speaker shall be impeached and removed from office."

        4. Section 6b of Article II of the charter shall be amended to say, "All legal voters with medium influence or greater may vote in a special election."

        5. Section 2av of Article III of the charter shall be amended to say, "A docket must have ..."

        6. The Regional Bill of Rights will be officially categorized as Article IX of the Charter.

    6. The Sixth Amendment

      1. Amend Charter Section I 1bi. to say:"The Delegate shall serve a term of 6 months for every time they are elected, and may not hold more than 2 terms consecutively."