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Karma Alert Episode 9

Karma Alert Episode 9

The Number#1 News Source in Karma!

Hello there ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another episode of Karma Alerrrrrrrrrrrrrt! Karma Alert is now a weekly show and will be posted every Monday! Trust me, it will be better this way. This week's news will go over a lot of different topics. You can check the topics talked about below! Now without any further ado, let's get right into the newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwws! Our topics for today are:

New Recruits

Starting off as always with the new nations that have joined Karma. Welcome them in the RMB!

Visting The Dead

This week wasn't the best week for Karma, a lot of nations have CTE'd and by a lot, I mean A LOT. It has gotten to the point where I can't really mention them all, so I just have to fit them all in a list.

Brahma vihara




West crum

Da luky nob




South balochistan




An0r l0ndo




New azula

The free land of monjhut



Just the worstest

Zalidian tanhauser







Epic style democracy






Pra baba









Integrate the Opposition

The Imperium of Josh, a strong and powerful nation has recently heard the cries and screams of all the Loushians. Now, let's give you the backstory. Loush is a nation that is now known for its war crimes and killing its own citizens for opposing the leadership. The leader of Loush didn't show mercy and killed anyone who disagreed with his actions. Of course, the Imperium didn't see that as a sign of peace, so the Imperator met with the ruler of Loush. While this meeting was taking place, more rebels rose in some Loushian provinces, the only way for this disaster to stop was for the Imperium to intervene. The Imperium sent its peacemaking forces into Loush and tried to keep the rebels quite for a while, and it didn't take a lot of time for the ruler of Loush to give up his leadership and make the Imperator ruler over these lands. The rebels then stopped and praised the Imperator for freeing them from the previous leader.

The Talk Behind the Curtain

Every now and then, the members of the ECA hold a meeting where they talk about the problems going on, the Levontian President showed up to this meeting, and that's where it all began... The President states that "The meeting wasn't about anything important, but things started escalating quickly and we started forgetting about the actual subject of this meeting. I started talking about the history of this alliance and then realized what it was, I don't want to go into specifics as it's a very dark story that shouldn't be unveiled, but what I can say is that being in that alliance didn't bring Levont anything good not economically, militarily, and the alliance certainly didn't stand up for its goals and didn't look for peace." This statement is from the President directly! Oh wow, we all thought that the ECA was an alliance of tranquillity, but it appears that we were wrong all along! Now, of course, we don't have the evidence to prove that they're a bad alliance, but all Levontian citizens trust the President, so this may cause a problem for the ECA... and apparently Levont wasn't the only one that left the ECA, Eraqia which is a very strong nation has decided that the ECA isn't a good place to be after they saw Levont leave. No one now knows how this will all go, will there be a war? Is the ECA going to fall? and when are we going to have some peace? Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Z.

The "Amusement" Park

After the many conflicts that happened in the ECA, the main one being Levont leaving the alliance, Zalidia has decided to help cheer people up by constructing an amusement park called: "Karmaland", some people saw this as a way to get rid of the negativity and hate the ECA received from the Levont incident, others see this as a way to make karma cheer up and forget about all the problems happening. Karmaland isn't a normal amusement park, its rides feature some achievements and advancements that some Karman nations are known for. A lot of nations in Karma will be featured, and a lot won't be featured.

Unfortunately, that's it for today's Karma Alert, I am sorry for the delay, I was just figuring some stuff out. If you've enjoyed this week's Karma Alert, be sure to upvote it and stay tuned for next week's Karma Alert! The Karma region is now over 248 nations!

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