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HURA-Speedrail Pve Ltd.

Founded: 2018

- Hundredstar Railway Authority Rail Assembly Plant
- RAP Division
- Government Locomotive & Train Yards

Entity Type: Heavy Industry

Industry: Locomotive and Rollingstocks

Major Products
- Train
- High-speed train
- Light Transit Train
- Monorail
- Tram

Admin Complex, HURA Rail Assembly Plant, Sparrowdale,
Bledllyn, The Protectorate of Hundredstar

CHAIRMAN : Ms. Nancy Pierwisdom,
CEO: Mr. Killen T. von Spearwoods
COO: Ms. Lucien R. Formborgh
CFO: Ms. Jamella H. Ali

Number of Employees: 2.906

Parent Company: Hundredstar Railway Authority [HURA]

- Coaches Div.
- Locomotives Div.
- Light Train Div.
- Highspeed Train Div.
- Marketing Div.

- HURA-SPEEDRAIL Sensor & Safety System Ltd.
- HURA-Speedrail Libonesia Pvt. Ltd.
- HURA-Speedrail Nusantara Pvt. Ltd.
- Ibica Locomotives Pvt Ltd,
The Federation of The United States of Ibica
- KLUTS Bus System Pve. Ltd
[JV 40-60% with KleanLink Utilities Transit System Pve. Ltd]

- MTA Transportation [Link]
The Republic of Nanako Island
- Kolnborn HVAC Tech [air-con supplier]



HURA-Speedrail Pve Ltd. is a The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar -based company principally engaged in manufacture and distribution of locomotives and light train. It's a JV between Hundredstar Railway Authority and Speedrail Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiariy of Coe Industry [HX:COI]. The Company distributes its products within the domestic market and to overseas markets.

Ordering Form

[hr][/hr][b][u]Ordering Form[/u][/b]
[b]Contact Name[/b]:
[b]Customer, Business, or Government Agency Name[/b]:
[b]Manufacturer Name[/b]:
[]Duke Trucks
[]Kingdom Strata Automotive
[]COE Shipyards

All Ordering form must be posted to

Notable Products
Bus Rapid Transit System

User: None

Inter-city segment

HuRA-SR M-1243 The Frontierman
User: HuRA InterLink

High-speed segment

HuRA-SR M-1532 Spartan Flyer
User: HuRA Highspeed & Borthohorn Express Ltd

HuRA-SR M-1723 Citywing III
User: HuRA Highspeed& Borthohorn Express Ltd

Light-train segment

HuRA-SR M-0531 Bledllyn Maid
User: HuRA Transit & AIREXSRA [airport transit]

HuRA-SR M-0410 Citylinks
User: Shaftegill Metro, Worldsghyll Metro and QueenboroughTransit

Cargo/Goods Train segment

User: HuRA Cargo

Monorail System

User: Borthohorn City Transit Monorail & SandCiTA

HuRA-SR M-602 Falcon Express
User: NIL

User: Nil

- Hundredstar Railway Authority Rail Assembly Plant - HURARAP [51%]
- Speedrail Technologies Pvt. Ltd [49%]

-KLUTS Bus Plant, Kennburgh
- Speedrail Hornstaff Plant, Coalledge for the power cars, and monorail systems
- Speedrail Killenthorpe Hill Plant, Lightmason for the engines,
- Speedrail Enfeld Plant, Eastern Valley for the traction chains,
- HURA Parkmonts Facility, Eastern Valley for the on-board computerized systems,
- Speedrail Astonguard Plant, Eastern Valley for the traction transformers.
- HURA Rail Assembly Plant, Sparrowdale, Bridgewelders for the design, bogies and assembly

Corporate Governance
  1. Chairman: Ms. Nancy Pierwisdom, CEO, Hundredstar Railway Authority

  2. Vice Chairman: Mr. Markus Longcorn, former Minister of International Development & Industrial Strategies

  3. Non-Independent Director: Mr. Allan H. Coe, Chairman, Coe Industries Ltd.

  4. Non-Independent Director: Dr. Albert I. Jarvismoore, CEO, Coe Industries Ltd

  5. Independent Director: Mr. James H. Terrierwood, CEO, National Port

  6. CEO, Managing Director: Mr. Killen T. von Spearwoods

The Peaceful Realm of Hundredstar