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Nice People Posts <3

Hanguk-Nippon wrote:Here, Iíve written you an acrostic poem while thinking over a bowl of hot udon.

Truthfully, I say this from my heart.

Hopefully, I have risen your spirits by the end of this poem.

Ecstatic, energetic, a true exception.

For you have made made each of our days at least once.

Idealistic and impressionable, you are always willing to share your positivity with others around you.

Likes, you do give out quite a few.

I appreciate every single one.

Please, donít stop. I wish I could say thanks, but that would get spammy.

Positive, something that I always look for in a person.

Independent-minded and special, youíre one of, if not, the most active Filipino NSers I have encountered.

New, you once were. Now, an established member of our region.

Always outgoing and bubbly.

So, hopefully you read this. If you do, just know that I appreciate you, and that many other of my fellow TSPers do as well.

Yansu wrote:I wish I could find you and give you an actual(Albeit awkward because I don't do hugs outside of my family) hug. That way one less person would feel as terrible as I do.