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Issues, Drafts, And Submissions, Oh My!

This record basically serves as a way for me to link these without using up too much signature space. And so I can get to my drafts without searching through GI.
[hr][b]Published[/b] - These are issues that you can see in the wild!
[*][url=]#1248 - A Day to Remember[/url] (edited by [nation]Candlewhisper Archive[/nation])
[*][url=]#1268 - Don't Sweat It[/url], co-authored by [nation]Canyamel[/nation] (edited by [nation]Candlewhisper Archive[/nation])
[*][url=]#1290 - Why Didn't The @@ANIMAL@@ Cross The Road?[/url] (edited by [nation]Ransium[/nation])
[*][url=]#1322 - Introducing Altengarten?[/url] (edited by [nation]Sedgistan[/nation])
[*][url=]#1339 - AI Citizens Driving Change?[/url] (edited by [nation]Candlewhisper Archive[/nation])
[*][url=]#1373 - You Should Have (copy)Left My Software Alone![/url] (edited by [nation]Electrum[/nation])

[b]Submitted[/b] - These issues have been sent to the editors for final publication.
[*][url=]Bill Shock in @@NAME@@[/url] (Submitted July 27th 2019) [size=70]This one is unlikely to be published, but I'm keeping it here until it's "officially" confirmed/denied[/size]
[*][url=]The Lion's Share[/url] - co-authored by [nation]Australian rePublic[/nation] (Submitted May 6th 2020)
[*][url=]Immigration Numbers Neut[/url] (Submitted 1st August 2020)
[*][url=]Vats? No Tanks![/url] (Submitted 12th September 2020)
[*][url=]Farewelled By-Election[/url] (Submitted 19th October 2020)

[b]Drafting[/b] - These issues are still on the forums and receiving feedback.
[*][url=]503 Service Unavailable[/url] (Draft 1)

[b]On Hold[/b] - These issues have had significant drafting and I may return to them, but I'm not actively drafting them right now.
[*][url=]Time to Neuter De-Sexing?[/url] (Draft 2)
[*][url=]Little House on The @@ANIMAL@@ River[/url] (Draft 8)

[b]Failed[/b] - These issues, I've given up on. Oh well!
[*][url=]A Cryptocurrency Conundrum[/url]
[*][url=]Nationwide Internet Causing Concerns[/url]