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New Position on Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech in Dangine has more limits. Criminal harassment can be punishable, mainly with a fine, and if offender still does not learn and does it mulitply times (This does not just have to be harassing one person, but having multiple report you for harassing and doing it repeatably), this can be punishable up to one year and jail. Dangine still does not have hate speech law. However saying racist or sexist things to someone in a terrorizing way is considered harassment. Basically harassment is handled pretty close to the same way it is handled in the United States.
Pete Dangines new quote on freedom of speech is "Somethings have limits, and freedom of speech is one of those things"

The main reason I made these changes is due to a debate I had with a NS user. I have recently already been questioning my former stance on freedom of speech and this was the thing that made it finally change.

The Socialist Republic of Dangine