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Vote Against GA resolution Treatment of the Deceased

General Assembly Vote Recommendation

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Resolution at Vote: Treatment of the Deceased
Vote Recommendation: Against

Resolution Analysis
Treatment of the Deceased, while well meaning, falls victim to its own poorly worded and vague clauses. This proposal requires the previous consent of the deceased to perform various actions in order to exempt them from 'grave molestation'. This becomes problematic if the death is sudden or the record of now deceased granting and denying these permissions is lost. The proposal also requires member nations to protect graves until the point of decay 'to the fullest possible extent from molestation' that could span well over a decade (at the very least), and would impose unreasonable requirements on member nations in order to comply. Finally, the proposal attempts to accommodate for religious and cultural beliefs but then requires the now deceased to have requested it and then prevents anything that violates Clause 1 and 4, thus defeating the whole point of this clause to begin with.

In accordance with the reasoning presented above, the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs recommends a vote Against this proposal.

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