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Get Started in the Grace of Gaia

Get Started in the Grace of Gaia

Welcome to the Grace of Gaia! This is a region themed around an isolated island in a fantasy medieval era. We are a cozy relaxed region, but with quite a bit to do if you're interested! Here are a few things you can do to get started in the region:

  • Read through our dispatch on laws and rules!

  • Introduce yourself on the Regional Message Board (RMB)!

  • Join the World Assembly endorse the World Assembly Delegate, or take the position for yourself!

  • Join our LinkDiscord Server, where you can participate in daily conversations, roleplay, the occasional voice chat (if you so desire, no obligation!), and plenty of other fun stuff!

  • If you're interested in roleplaying, we have two kinds - Gaian RP, and Nation RP. Have a look at this dispatch to get a feel for RP in our region and get yourself started!

  • If you're interested in regional government, then look no further than our Government dispatch!

  • Help us with recruitment! To learn about recruitment join the discord server and verify yourself as a resident. If you deliver enough telegrams, you can even earn some awards!