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Map of the Nation RP (Grace of Gaia Roleplaying)

Nation Map

The name of our world is "Vinea".
Updated 07/15/2022
Revisions: 1 nation eradicated via coronal mass ejection, The global defence council added. NPC nations obliterated. Map number sizes adjusted for clarity.
Addition of zoomed in continent maps in "Other Maps" section; added Verusia and Skandia

Claim Owner

RP Nations

1. -Tulov¹

Union of Zvezdovist Republics
United Socialist States of Tulov (Tulov)
Union of Krasnodarian Socialist Republics (Krasnodaria)
Lvov-Rovnen Socialist Republic (Lvov-Rovne)
People's Free State of Laerria (Laerria)
Renzan Socialist Republic (Renza)
Zvezdovist Republic of Natroval (West Natroval)
Natrovalian Social Republic (North Natroval)
Technocratic Republic of Natroval (East Natroval)
Mercantile State of Varnnaiya (Varnnaiya)
Republic of Rürlüchia (Rürlüchia)
Republic of Meuria (Meuria)
Grand Chiefdom of Valyusha
Free State of Saeberia

2. Renaria¹

The Empire of Renaria

3. Synnes hanyia¹

Synnes Hanyia

4. Meadina¹

Her Majesty Silver Garden

The Ranger Order of the Grey
Republic of the Reach
Theocracy of Pelor
United Socialist Republic of Dragonbay
Constitutional Monarchy of Wandermere
Wardens of the Attica
Archduchy of Anstar
Free City of Paradigm
Hierarchy of Innes Non
Lordships of Shorhelm
Republic of Ostal
Rangers of Kirkwall
Council of Starkhaven
The Northern Star Isles

6. Limfjordia¹

Limfjordian Federation
Icenbergian Commonwealth
Sydland Confederacy
Kingdom of Vigorland
Kingdom of North Vigorland

7. Vernic¹

The Bureaucratic Stratocracy of Vernic

The Federation of Jaedonstan
The Republic of Transcaraccan Delia
Northern Illia
Southern Illia
Monarchial Capitalist Bassarian Federation
The Grand Order of the Third Marshall
New Order of Flandars
The Holy Order of Ghrevenon

Ethos Sholia

10. Avayen

The Alveinian Empire
Kingdom of Midland
The Archipelagos

Federative People's States of Astorvia

12. Arudis

The Monarchy of Lohaar

13. The global defence council

The Federation of Adia Xemcar

How do I stake a claim?

Head on over to our forum and follow the instructions there. LinkClick here.
¹ Nations that helped to found the Nation RP will always retain their claims unless personally renounced, even if they cease to exist or leave the region.

Other Maps



To be updated soon

How do I get on these extra maps?

Excellent question.

To get on our Culture Map, you are required to have been a part of the Nation RP for 65 days. This is not 65 days in the region, but 65 days in the Nation RP. The Culture Map lists areas according to the umbrella culture occupying areas (for example, if this were a map of Earth, Russian, Ukrainian, and Serbian cultures, would all simply be listed as "Slavic" under this type of map, and would not be distinguished. Further, regions/states/general areas are not specifically broken down. Whatever is the majority, is what stands. So, using real life as an example, if "EXAMPLE STATE" had a population that was 10% Slavic, 44.1% Germanic, and 45.9% Turkic, it would be mapped as "Turkic".

To get on our Time Zone Map, you are also required to have been a part of the Nation RP for 65 days. Once eligible, you may have your nation(s) territories mapped according to the time zones you wish them to use. You may use one Time Zone for the entire nation if you so wish.
If you wish to use an half zone, like +1.5 for example, you may only do so if your nation spans across the two time zones +1 and +2 zones. However, this is only allowed if you span only those two zones. If you also span, say, +3 and +4, you will have to pick a specific zone to be on this map.

The Latitude and Longitude Map will periodically be updated with the most recent version of the main map, so you don't have to worry about waiting any longer than the Cartographer's convenience to get on it.

Like the Culture and Time Zone Maps, it will take 65 days to be eligible for participation on the Continents and Oceans map. Once eligible, you may name any unnamed seas which you border. However, once a name has been published in a map update, it is permanent, so choose wisely about what you wish to name. Two people sharing a common sea area will be expected to agree upon a name, and no name shall be published without the approval of both.

And an important note. Even once this requirement has been met, it may take some time to get on them, as these require significantly more effort than the Main Map, and the Cartographer's schedule may not allow immediate or quick admission to the maps.

The Most Graceful of Guardian of Gaia