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Royal Houses of the Grace of Gaia

Royal Houses of the Grace of Gaia

The Grace of Gaia is ruled by the three Houses of Ordek, Neraka, and Aether, whose leaders are the Sovereigns of Gaia. The House of Ordek is headed by the Progenitor, the House of Neraka by the Devil of Neraka, and the House of Aether by the Matriarch of the Skies. Each House directly rules over a part of Gaia. To the north is the realm of Ordek, a land beyond the rugged terrain of the Isle's center, hidden by the dense forests and heavy fog. To the east is the realm of Neraka, a land beyond the deep forests and within the depths of the caverns of the eastern mountains. To the west, is the realm of Aether, spanning across great rolling plains and lush forests, before settling in the western mountains. Each, governing their realm according to their traditions and beliefs.

These three Houses came to rule over the Grace of Gaia at the end of the time of troubles, when their leaders combined their power to bring an end to the conflict that had engulfed Gaia. Ordekan water, Nerakan fire, and Aetherian wind. With Gaia finally at peace, their realms were established, and the three Houses laid the groundwork for the future of the Isle. To this day, they continue to exert their influence both near and far, with all that seems to be beyond their influence, being the Shanty Town of O'Hana.

Tale of the three Houses

“Many centuries ago a peaceful land, known only as Gaia, was torn asunder by the greed of its people. They were once like the people of any other land, plain and living their lives as normal. But a change came to Gaia, and with that change came the ability for any Gaian to harness the power of magic.

While some individuals were able to learn to harness these abilities, there were others that were violently consumed by the magic they sought to control. In time, after many moons had passed, three clan leaders came together to put an end to the conflict. Not much is known of the three beyond their names, which still to this day adorn the Houses of Gaia: Ordek, Neraka, and Aether.

Legend speaks that the three ended the conflict in Gaia with a great whirlwind of fire and water, and afterwards the realm became peacefully divided. Gaia was split between the three Houses and those with no house, each separated by the magical abilities they now controlled. The House of Ordek was charged with guarding water, and through their magical ability harnessed the liquids ability to shape the world. The House of Neraka was charged with guarding the flame, and through their magical ability harnessed fire to their own ends. The House of Aether was charged with guarding the wind, and through their magical ability harnessed air to do their bidding.

But we should not forget those with no house, for they were set to wander Gaia through the territory guarded by none of the three. With the rise of the three Houses came the formation of the territories they controlled, which still stand to this day.

With the conflict finally at an end, the three Houses of Gaia came together and declared the entrance to Gaia to be a sacred place, which was given the perpetual status of neutral ground, no matter what conflicts erupt throughout all of time, no matter how serious or petty. They declared that it would forever be watched over, and that the safety of Gaia would forever be secured against all threats”

A big thanks to Lenlyvit for revitalizing our tale of the three houses.

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