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Branch of Foreign Affairs

Branch of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs are headed up by the Teyrn of Foreign Affairs, who is appointed to the position by the Sovereigns of Gaia. The Teyrn of Foreign Affairs is tasked with running the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, processing embassy applications, ambassador requests, sending diplomats to foreign regions, negotiating treaties and presenting them to the Sovereigns. Diplomats appointed by the Teyrn of Foreign Affairs shall receive the rank of Patrician, and the title of "Patrician to [region]."

At this time the Grace of Gaia is no longer accepting requests for embassies. Any requests sent will be rejected. If you have any questions please contact Arudis.

Regions may request an embassy on our regional forum, Linkin this topic.

Embassies must meet the following requirements (Linkforum thread):

  • 1. We do not accept embassies with embassy collector regions. No exceptions.

  • 2. Your region must have 50 nations. (Puppet flooding doesn't count!) Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the Teyrn of Foreign Affairs and/or the Sovereigns.

  • 3. Your region must not support extremist views, especially if they are violent.

Though embassies will only be approved if they meet the criteria set forth, meeting these requirements is not a guarantee of embassy, only a qualifier. Embassies are a sign of friendship, and not of alliance, nor of obligation.

The Most Graceful of Guardian of Gaia