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Government of the Grace of Gaia

Government of the Grace of Gaia



The Last Guardian


Teyrn of Roleplay

Teyrn of Foreign Affairs

Teyrn of Internal Affairs

Teyrn of WA Affairs

Gaia's Roots

Article I - The Monarchy

1.1 The region shall be ruled as an Absolute Monarchy underneath Sovereign Arudis.

1.1.1 The Sovereigns are the founders and Monarchs of the region who retain the ultimate authority within Gaia.

1.1.2 Though Sovereign -Tulov is currently inactive, his authority and position as the Teyrn of Roleplay shall be returned to him should he return. The region will become an Absolute Diarchy in this case.

1.2 Beneath the Sovereigns shall be the Teyrns.

1.2.1 The Teyrns shall be regarded as the Nobles of the Grace of Gaia.

Article II - The Branches Of Government

2.1 The Sovereigns shall have sole right of Executive legal power.

2.1.1 The Sovereigns may, as desired or needed, create, appoint, or dissolve Noble positions or branches.

2.1.2 The Sovereigns may rule by decree.

2.2 The Teyrns shall serve as the Branch Ministers of the Grace of Gaia.

2.2.1 There shall be a Teyrn of Roleplay, head of the Branch of Roleplay.

2.2.2 There shall be a Teyrn of Internal Affairs, head of the Branch of Internal Affairs.

2.2.3 There shall be a Teyrn of Foreign Affairs, head of the Branch of Foreign Affairs.

2.2.4 There shall be a Teyrn of WA Affairs, who shall be the currently elected World Assembly Delegate of Grace of Gaia. Unlike the other Teyrns, the Teyrn of WA Affairs shall have no duties nor responsibilities, except for those which they give themselves. These duties may only revolve around the World Assembly, and shall constitute the Branch of WA Affairs. The Teyrn of WA Affairs may not seek to limit or cap the amount of endorsements others in the region can receive or give. Any resident of the Grace of Gaia who is a member of the World Assembly may seek out and run for the office of Teyrn of WA Affairs.

2.3 In the event that there is not an appointed Teyrn, a Sovereign shall oversee their branch with the exception of the Teyrn of WA Affairs.

Article III - Citizenship, Rights, and Qualifications

3.1 A citizen of Gaia shall be any person who has a nation within the Grace of Gaia.

3.2 All Gaians shall have the right to participate in regional activities, events, and participate in Nation RPs.

3.2.1 Participation in activities, events, and roleplays, is thus subject to the rules and provisions of each, and violation of those rules and provisions may lead to personal expulsion or banishment from the activity, event, roleplay, or roleplaying branch.

3.3 No Gaian shall have more than one nation within the region Grace of Gaia, except with a personal exemption from the Sovereigns.

3.4 All Gaians shall have a right to enter the World Assembly Endorsement Program (WASP), the sole requirement for membership being that they join and remain in the World Assembly.

3.4.1 All members of the WASP program, in addition to being Gaians, shall be known as Wasps.

3.5 The Sovereigns, at their discretion, may choose to blacklist or declare persona non grata, certain players of the game, thus disqualifying that person from Gaian citizenship.

3.6 All Gaians shall adhere to the laws, rules, and provisions, of Gaia. Violation of rules may lead to punishment or banishment, depending on the severity of incidents and their track record.

As of 25 May 2024 the original Article III, which detailed the duties and rights of the Royal Houses was abolished along with the Royal Houses themselves. Patricians were also absolved with this update.

History of Gaia

Grace of Gaia was founded on 25 February 2019, by the then joint Founder-Sovereigns -Tulov, Club Lux, and Arudis. Over a period of several months, Grace of Gaia was steadily built up and readied for release, finally opening its doors on 1 August 2019. The pre-release members of Gaia are Rangers of the grey (25 February), Renaria (14 March), Synnes hanyia (25 March), Meadina (26 May), Limfjordia (21 July), and Rhyme and Reason (31 July). Grace of Gaia was founded primarily as a roleplaying region, but with a strong emphasis on being relaxed, laid back, and having fun. Over time, Grace of Gaia has grown and further developed its many branches, with events such as Grace of Gaia Halloween Festival ~ '19, the creation of the World Assembly Endorsement Program , and the continued expansion and developments of the Nation RP, including a readily growing pool of resources.

On 10 July 2022, the House of Neraka was dissolved and the region was reformed into a Diarchy beneath Ordek and Aether.

As of 4 October 2022 the Grace of Gaia has officially closed down due to the remaining Sovereigns being unable to keep stable activity to continue running the region.

On (placeholder for date] the Grace of Gaia reopened under Arudis as an Absolute Monarchy. The two Royal Houses of Ordek and Aether, as well as the Shanty Town of O'Hana were abolished.

Notable Days and Events

Foundation Day

25 February (2019)


6 June (2020)

Opening Day

1 August (2019)

First Delegate


Most Nations

274 (16 May 2020)