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House of Aether

House of Aether

"Power is a dangerous game."

Elemental Affinity:
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Honor, Justice, Order




(Name: Velkhar)


Light Blue, Pale Gold


Nephevis Aether

The House of Aether was founded by Nephevis Aether. The capital of the region is Nova Ara, a city nestled high in the mountains that make up the edge of the Isle of Gaia. House Aether is home to rolling plains, lush forests, and even a bit of the dense jungle has crept its way into the territory.


"-A long time ago, the rise of magical users led to conflict in Gaia as people began to hoard different magics. Some learned the ways, most were violently consumed by the powers they sought to control. In time, three came together, Ordek, Neraka, and Aether, and put an end to the conflict. The great tornado of fire and water brought an end to the chaos. Afterwards, the realm was divided. The three houses, Ordek, charged with guarding water, Neraka, charged with guarding the flame, Aether, charged with guarding the wind, and those with no house. The territories of the three households were established and remain to this day.

And together, the three houses further declared the entrance to Gaia to be sacred. A place of perpetual neutral ground, no matter what conflicts may erupt in time, however serious or petty. That it would be watched over, and that the safety of Gaia would be forever secured."

Nephevis Aether was the de facto leader of Aether before the official house was established. Her predecessor and father, Haldryn Aether, died during the Great War that plagued the isle, leaving the group under her watch. Under her guidance she brought her people into an era of peace when Aether, Ordek, and Neraka finally came together. Despite the war now being over, many Aetherians still looked to Nephevis for guidance. She assumed the role of Matriarch and staked out the land that would become House Aether’s territory. A grand stone palace was built in Nova Ara and from there she ruled over her people with a benevolent yet rigid hand. Many of the region's former towns and temples had been ravaged and desecrated during the war, dotting the land with a number of crumbling stone ruins. Even today ruins are still being discovered, many hidden by the undergrowth of the jungle.


Members of the House of Aether will rise (and fall) through positions if the Matriarch deems them worthy of a higher calling.
  • Matriarch of the Skies - Arudis
    The Matriarch of the Skies is the permanent head of the House of Aether and holds absolute power in the house. Her word is law.

  • Keeper of Storms - N/A
    The Keeper of Storms is the Matriarch's advisor and carries out the will of the Matriarch, whatever it may be. In the event that the Matriarch is absent, the Keeper is to take over until she returns.

  • The Altair - N/A
    The Altair is the High Priest or Priestess of the house. They commune with the divines and oversee the main temple located in Nova Ara. Alongside that they also serve as the spiritual leader of the House of Aether. They may also elevate members of the house to Paragon status, the only other member with this ability is the Matriarch.

    • The Augurs
      The Augurs are each a conduit or vessel to one divine. They are often appointed by their predecessor or the Altair. While not as powerful as the Altair, Augurs serve as the spiritual leaders or elders of the other towns in the House of Aether and are responsible for maintaining each temple or shrine in their town.

      • Augur of Hirasil - N/A

      • Augur of Ilios - N/A

      • Augur of Ina - N/A

      • Augur of Kalinor - N/A

      • Augur of Lykos - N/A

      • Augur of Nodeus - N/A

      • Augur of Ovelia - N/A

      • Augur of Talamh - N/A

      • Augur of Urthemiel - N/A

      • Augur of Yvtris - N/A

  • Head of the Vanguard - N/A
    The Head of the Vanguard watches over the members of the House of Aether and ensures that they adhere to the laws of the house. They reserve the right to assign members as a part of the Vanguard (with the approval of the Matriarch) which they rule over.

  • Wyverns of the Vanguard - N/A
    The Wyverns of the Vanguard are appointed by the Head of the Vanguard, and assist them in whatever task is given to them. In most cases they act as town guards and hunt down criminals that enter Aether’s territory.

  • Arls/Arlessas - Erindoria
    Arls (male version) and Arlessas (female version) are members of the house who have shown considerable dedication to the house in one way or another. They are considered nobles within Aether's society and are given a great deal of respect.

  • Citizens - Unless granted a title all members are classified as citizens.


Cities & Towns:
Map of House Aether's territory.

Nova Ara - Nova Ara is the capital of House Aether. It is located deep in the heart of the house's territory among the mountains. It originally began as a simple mining town, as an abundance of precious gemstones and ores like silver and platinum were found in the surrounding cave systems. Due to the location being easy to protect and the amount of trade the city received, it was crowned as capital after the end of the Great War.

Brevoy - Situated alongside Whiterock river in House Aether, Brevoy is a less of a town and more of a fort. All members of the Vanguard undergo training here before being dispatched to other towns. While only intended to be a training site, a small hamlet has popped up around the fort in recent years to accommodate the needs of the soldiers.

Mistral - Mistral sits just South of the Ingram river in Aether, and is the closest town to the dangerous swamps of Gaia. The town is often attacked by the occasional lone bug that wanders too far from the swamp. Despite the dangers of the swamp it is perhaps the largest town aside from Nova Ara and is famed for the numerous plays, aspiring artists, and other events that occur within its walls.

Astera - Astera is the smallest town in Aether. It is also the only town located in the jungle portion the house covers. Even for its size it attracts numerous visitors from across the island due to how close it is to many of the ancient ruins of a time long past.

Celeskon - Celeskon is another, albeit smaller, mining town in the northernmost area of House Aether. Most of the mines here are filled with iron, tin, and lead.


Two of the numerous ruins located in House Aether.

House Aether is home to two of Gaia's rivers. In the southern portion of the house lays Whiterock river, named after the brilliant white rocks that are found in the river bed and alongside the edges of the river. In the north is Ingram river. While this river only makes up the border of Aether's territory, it is a large source of food for the region due to the natural abundance of fish found here.

Most of the land consists of the large forest that covers most of Gaia, though unlike the rest of the houses, the land here is relatively flat. The forest here is less dense than it is on other parts of the island, making it easy to find ones way through the land. The jungle in the south on the other hand is hard to navigate and even experienced adventurers have expressed a great deal of caution when traversing the area. The house is the only area outside of the central plaza that is home to the plains. Outside of Brevoy, the only settlement located there, the plains are left relatively undisturbed aside from farming that goes on along parts of the river.

Aside from the many beauties of the natural landscape, a number of explored and unexplored ruins can be found all across House Aether's land, and a few that can be tied to the house can be found just beyond the borders. It is suspected that many of these were ancient shrines, temples, and towns that were abandoned either during or after the Great War. While all of the wood structures have long rotted away, the crumbling stone buildings remain, becoming more and more overgrown with each year that passes. They are a part of an ongoing study into how people used to live during the early days of Aether, as the only living member of the group from that time period is none other than Nephevis Aether herself.

Ritual of the Tempest

In order to gain the magical powers related to the House of Aether, all new members must go through the Ritual of the Tempest. This ritual is rather simple; newcomers must take a "leap of faith" off of Stormcaller's Rise, a sacred mountain. Minutes after jumping, the member is safely returned to the cliff from which they jumped by a strong gust of air generated by an ancient air elemental. This magical air fills those it touches with adrenaline and a sense of lightness, allowing them to manipulate air and lightning.

Should a newcomer show nervousness or is unwilling to jump they will be pushed off of the cliff by the Matriarch or Keeper.

If a member chooses to leave for another house or renounces their ties to House Aether, a gust of wind will rush past them, effectively taking their magic away.


There are five Paragons that are worshiped by members of House Aether. Paragons are not gods, instead they represent certain values or have made a large enough impact in the history of the house to be recognized for it. There are several shrines, small temples, and statues dedicated to each Paragon scattered around Nova Ara.

  • Acantha Stratos - Acantha is the Paragon of compassion and is associated with wind. She was married to Gamordan, and while she disapproved of his often brutish and rash ways, she loved him deeply. Acantha spent much of her time tending to the wounded and sick, oftentimes going out of her way to visit towns even on the other side of Gaia to offer her assistance.

  • Avalan Lutum - Avalan is the Paragon of wisdom and knowledge. He was one of very few to seek out knowledge across the isle of Gaia in order to learn more about the history of the land and all the people who lived on it.

  • Estrellian - Estrellian is the wyvern from which all wyverns belonging to this house have descended from. While it is unusual that an animal is granted the status of Paragon, a recent exception was made for Estrellian due to her importance to residents of Aether and her prowess in battle. As such she was named the Paragon of wyverns and is depicted on House Aether's coat of arms.

  • Gamordan Aether - Gamordan is a Paragon associated with lightning and storms. He was the first resident of Gaia to embrace these powers, though it is unclear how he obtained these powers, he would go on to become one of the very first leaders of Aether. He showed a natural affinity for controlling his magical powers and was extremely charismatic, this allowed him to easily sway other people and climb to the top of society.

  • Varisia Idun- Varisia is the Paragon of honor. She was a general during the early days of the Great War who sacrificed her life to protect her troops from other magic users, sending them away as she trapped both herself and their assailants in a cyclone. When the scene of the battle was returned to, all of the attackers had been slain but Varisia was slowly dying from her wounds.


Members of House Aether follow a polytheistic religion on Gaia called the Children of the Gale. It is the only official religion located on the isle, and as such members of this house take great pride in it, however, anyone outside of the house is allowed to become a follower. They may do so by speaking to one of the Augurs or the Altair themselves.

There are 10 divine gods and goddesses, covering a number of things from the creation of the world to farming and fishing, the life cycle, and even herbalism. In ancient times many believed these divines lived among the people of Aether, both as human/humanoids and as mystical animals. During the Great War these sightings drastically decreased and as of present day few people outside of the Augurs and Altair claim to have been in direct contact or communication with any of the divines.


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