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The Union Truth | Issue IX -- Executive Reshuffle

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On July 31st, 2019 at around noon CDT Nova blazeville, President of the Democratic Union of Free States, dismissed Arkhamanishka as Director of the Department of Home Affairs. This came as a surprise and shock as Arkhamanishka had been a key supporter of Nova blazeville's campaign for President and was also a deputy in the coalition between the Democratic Progressive Front, Democratic People's Union and National Conservative Federalist Party's coalition. The official reason given by the President himself when he announced this on the region's discord and RMB was inactivity. The President's administration has been plagued with inactive cabinet members he could not get anything accomplished for most of the term, with elections coming in august the President has decided to focus on leading the region more and has started purging the cabinet and administration of any inactive or non-competent members. It is unclear whether Arkhamanishka will continue serving as a member of the House of Delegates (Lower House of Parliament). It is also worth noting that the President also dismissed him from the Defense Committee and it is likely he will dissolve the committee as it no longer serves a purpose.

As Arkhamanishka's replacement the President appointed The montonian as the new Home Affairs Director, The Montonian is a independent and is serving his first term as a member of parliament, he has a decent popularity among voters following the trend in the rise of popularity of independents throughout the Union.

The Democratic People's Union was a fairly new political party in the Union as such its dissolution has devastated the political landscape. This is certainly a blow to the Central Coalition (DPF + NCFP) as they are now one party short, it is increasingly likely now that the Union could see rival coalitions especially as the Social Democratic and Justice Party have been silently giving support to the Liberal Progressive Union. A second possible center coalition could form that would impact all future elections.

President prepares to meet with Prime Minister for new legislative agenda!
The President has planned to meet with the Prime Minister to establish a new legislative agenda, this is a new effort by the President to work closely with members of parliament to create and pass new laws. This meeting had previously included Arkhamaishka but since he has been dismissed he will not be attending. The President wishes to fulfill more of his campaign pledges in new laws such as reforming the electoral system and bringing more culture and activity to the region! It is unknown if other members of parliament are invited as this meeting will take place on the Executive Discord Server, however the channel it is viewable by visitors, and all the readers may expect a issue regarding what legislative plans are in store for the Union.

Union Historical Committee Founded by older Citizens!
The Union Historical Committee is founded by older citizens of the Union it is primarily headed by The free united commonwealth (who currently serves as Director of Union Intelligence in the cabinet), their aim is to preserve union history. In recent weeks they have made two dispatches on Former President's and Former Provisional Governments. Check them out here: Union Historical Committee

High knight kingdom, Executive Editor and Publisher

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